Hyundai ix35: Leader of the SUV pack

Are you looking for a Hyundai ix35 for sale? There are plenty of reasons to consider buying one of these attractive vehicles. While the ix35 is good looking it also delivers a powerful performance. The reliability of these models makes finding a used Hyundai ix35 a good choice. If you want to know more, here is some information about the ix35.


Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

Alluring Exterior if the Hyundai ix35

Get ahead of the crowd in the new Hyundai ix35. The elegant exterior of the ix35 is available in pure white, satin amber and cool red. The new ix35 for sale is the epitome of perfection. Its state-of-the-art design and stylish curves attract attention wherever you go.


Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

Both powerful and sophisticated this model creates a bold impression on the roads. Its features are both aesthetically appealing and functional. The attractive headlamps increase visibility. The high and low beams help the driver to see in challenging conditions.

LED lights contribute to the design of selected models. The ix35 is equipped with 17”alloy wheels. Formulated with silica these wheels offer improved fuel economy and increased durability. The Hyundai ix35 price starts at R349 900.

Comfortable Interior

If you are looking for an SUV with an interior that creates a welcoming ambience, the Hyundai ix35 for sale is for you. Its attractive design and comfortable features create a relaxing environment for both the driver and passengers to travel in.


Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

Its ergonomical design further contributes to the convenience of driving an ix35. The ergonomically designed dashboard is illuminated with a blue LED light cluster which gives you easy access to all the information that you need.

The Executive and Elite models have climate control so that the cabin is kept at a pleasant temperature despite changing weather conditions outside. One of the many reasons to find a Hyundai ix for sale is its available 4” LCD touchscreen.


Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

The rear view camera which is connected to the touchscreen makes parking more convenient and safer in the ix35 for sale. With the camera it is easy to see any objects which are hidden behind your vehicle. The Elite model boasts a panoramic sunroof so that you can make the most of South Africa’s beautiful scenery.

The expansive glass roof creates a feeling of openness and freedom. With integrated Bluetooth it is easy to stay connected to the world. This feature also contributes to safety as you can make calls without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Selected models have six airbags which further contribute to the safety of the Hyundai ix35. The Elite and Executive models feature electric folding mirrors. LED mirror lights further enhance visibility.

The ix35’s Powerful Performance

The Elite Diesel model features an electric four-wheel drive mechanism. The 4WD ECU responds to challenging conditions by offering the driver accurate handling and increased responsively. The electronic stability control is an active safety feature which supports the driver and helps to keep the vehicle’s occupants safe.


Image Source: Hyundai South Africa Website.

To get an idea of the performance of each model in the ix35 range take a look at this informative table.

Technical Specifications for the new Hyundai ix35

2.0 Premium Manual2.0 Premium Automatic1.7 U2 Premium 4x2 Manual Diesel2.0 NU Executive Manual2.0 NU Elite Automatic
Displacement (cc)19991999168519991999
Max. Power (kW @ rpm)116 @ 6200116 @ 620085 @ 4000116 @ 6200116 @ 6200
Max. Torque (Nm @ rpm)192 @ 4000192 @ 4000260 @ 1250 - 2750192 @ 4000192 @ 4000
Hyundai ix35 PriceFrom R 349 900.From R 365 900.From R 376 900.From R 391 900.From R 416 900.

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