Look who’s talking – Smart cars no longer just a dream

Watch the video to see a demo of the impact of V2V car Technologies

There are so many road accidents and sadly, most of them can be fatal. However, authorities are taking as much precaution as they can to avoid such accidents, especially over the holiday periods.

Now it seems that smart technology can just be the right answer that they have been looking for in order to keep our roads safe

Introducing your next smart “talking” car… But how exactly does it work?

Here is how:


Vehicle-to-vehicle cars will use wireless networking technology, with a range of 1000 feet to exchange data about the speed of your car and the position of your car as well as others to help avoid car crashes on the road. These future V2V cars will easily brake by itself or control the steering wheel to protect you and other drivers from an accident.

This future technology is amazing. Currently the V2V cars are under a testing phase, this should help determine whether or not the V2V cars can work in a congested area with ordinary drivers.

About 3000 V2V cars have been put to the test in Ann Harbour, Michigan.


Think highways and freeway roads during prime time in the mornings and the evenings during the weekdays. If this V2V technology gets approved, it can be much safer on the roads.

These car communication technologies can help prevent one accident from turning into a colossal fatality. With the help of the V2V cars, many lives can be saved.

Come 2020, we might be driving in fully automated V2V communication technology. It is definitely a great thing to look forward to, after all technology is supposed to make our lives easier and also extend our lifespan.

Accidents are always unpredictable, but having the V2V cars will be like having a premonition, so that you can prevent it from happening.

For a country like South Africa, to have such technologies, it will help in numerous ways.

Do you think V2V communication technology is what we need? Do you see yourself driving V2V cars?

Let us know. Visit the Auto Mart website for more information about V2V cars.

Yolanda Zondo

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