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The rims on your car are similar to make up on a woman. They accentuate the beauty that is already there. Finding a nice pair of rims for sale can really make a difference when it comes to the way your car looks. They also affect the way your car sits and drives. This article will shine a light on the wonderful world of car rims.


What is a rim?

Go outside and have a look at any car’s wheels. The metal part in the center of the tire that you can see is the rim. This is mounted on the axle of the vehicle and serves to support the tire during movement. They are structurally necessary and are not just there for show, although they do a pretty good job of that too. You get some very aesthetically pleasing rims that accentuate the look of your car. Black rims and deep dish rims can bring a flare of creativity and uniqueness to your ride.

Different rim materials

There are many variations in what mag rims are made of. Some are designed to be lightweight and others are meant for heavy duty race usage. These will be heavier and more robust. Here is a breakdown of the different materials a rim is usually made from:

Steel: Steel is heavy and durable. It will give a car a lower center of gravity due to the weight and is best suited for rugged off road or snow terrains. The issue here is that steel is more difficult to cast than the materials and therefore the design options are limited and then due to the weight, your vehicle will travel slower.


Chrome: That high polish shine that you see on cars is called chrome. Due to the high polish ability, these are more for aesthetic reasons than anything else. If you want to keep your chrome rims looking shiny then constant maintenance is needed.

Alloy: an alloy is a mixture of different kinds of metals so you can take the best attributes from each metal and mix them together. These are best suited for aesthetics and speed as they are light weight and much more resistant to corrosion. The problem with Alloy is that they are very prone to cracking and breaking when used in harsh conditions. This is due to the fact that when you mix metal it’s not as strong as the original metal.


Wire spoke: These are the lightest wheels you will find as they are made from many wires and not a single piece of metal. The wire does adequately support the tires and they have a great aesthetic appeal too. The only issue here is the cleaning of the wire spoke rims. The many different pieces makes it difficult clean.

Always consider the terrain that you will be driving on when looking for rims for sale. If you will only be using the car on tar surfaces then most materials will be fine but if you will be racing the car or taking it off road then more specialized tires are necessary. At the same time, you won’t put a heavy duty rims on a normal commuter car because they can affect handling, speed and fuel consumption.

Choosing the right size car rims for your vehicle

Getting the right rim size for your car is just as important as what it’s made from. Rim size can affect performance quite drastically. If your car rims are too big or small then this can actually damage the other components in your car. This can include your car’s timing, the computer hardware, the transmission and your car’s ability to brake. Mag rims that are too heavy can affect tire wear, fuel economy and make your car feel less smooth on the road when you are driving.


You can’t just go and slap any size of rim onto any car, there are certain things that you’ll have to take into consideration, or risk damaging the rim or your car. The rims have to be hardy enough to support your car’s weight and durable enough to not crack or bend from road hazards or the weight of the car whist driving.

You have to take things like width, diameter, bolt patter, backspace and tire offset into consideration. Imagine if you buy some deep dish rims that don’t have enough space for your shock or callipers. This will be a massive waste of money. Deep dish rims are meant for high performance cars and these can take up the entire space of the tire width so the wheel body protrudes from the side of the car.


Finding your rim size

If you are trying to find out what size rim your car can take then there is a simple way to do this. There is a string of numbers that are preceded by the letter “R” which means radial. Your tires might have something like “225/70R16” so in this case the wheel size is 16 inches, car rim size is measured in inches. The first numbers indicate the minimum width of the tire in millimeters, so here it’s 225 millimeters. The second number is the sidewall height that is allowed. Earlier we spoke about having enough space for all the tire’s components, if you want deep dish rims then you will have to take this figure into consideration.

Depending on the size of your car, you will want to find different size rims for sale. You will find everything from 15 inch rims to 17 inch rims for sale, all the way up to 28 inch rims and beyond. Some cars will have different rim sizes in the back as opposed to the front of the car to give it a dropped look. So you could very well go and find 15 inch rims for sale for the front of your car and 17 inch rims at the back.

Customising your Rim Size

There are two ways to customize your rim size from the stock size that the car comes with and these are as follows:

Plus Sizing

You can increase the size of your car rims but increasing the size of the inner line and not the outer line. You are essentially offsetting the rim in the tire so it gives the car a wider, sportier look. This will also have the effect of increased control and stability in your car. To do this you need your tires to fit the increased rim offset and you will need the bolt pattern to align with the car’s body. So you can quite easily go from a 15 inch rim to 17 inch rims just by shifting the inner line of the rim.

Inching up

This practice is when you make your rim diameter wider than the standard stock size. You will need wider tires for this but the height of the tire remains the same. The sidewall will shrink in size which means your contact with the road surface increases. This will give your car much better agility, traction and performance, not to mention the way it looks.


If you think your car could do with something unique or your current mag rims are damaged then finding the right rim for your car can make a world of difference. Get a great looking pair of black rims or deep dish rims to accentuate your car’s looks. If you want to make your vehicle look meaner then upgrading from a pair of 15 inch rims to bigger 17 inch rims for sale will definitely give you what you are looking for.

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