Yamaha Quad Bikes: The Grizzly and the Raptor

When it comes to Yamaha bikes for sale, there are plenty of exciting models to choose from. Yamaha quad bikes offer you a trustworthy ride so you can head off on an adventure or get work done around your farm. From utility models to sporty bikes, you can find a Yamaha model which meets your requirements.


  • Grizzly 700

The Grizzly 700 falls under Yamaha’s adventure and utility range. Tough and durable, the Grizzly 700 is designed to tackle challenging terrain. Highlights of this model are its Ultramatic® transmission and small turning radius. Lightweight, powerful and flexible, the Grizzly 700 inspires confidence in quad bike drivers. It is easy to change between 2WD and 4WD. Switching to diff-lock is also simple. A variety of accessories are available for this model, including winches and ploughs. The single-cylinder four-stroke engine is liquid-cooled with a displacement of 686cc. It has an electronic starter system and a wet sump lubrication system.


  • Grizzly 350 4WD

The Grizzly 350 is designed for grasslands. As part of the adventure and utility range, it is ideal for farmers. The durable engine with Ultramatic® transmission makes it easy to tackle steep slopes. This model’s outstanding suspension makes traversing tough terrain simple.


It is capable of carrying a maximum load of 120 kgs. Economical, hardy and reliable, the Grizzly 350 is a great buy. The Grizzly 350 has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine which is air-cooled with a displacement of 348cc.It has an electric starter system with a wet sump lubrication system.

  • Raptor 700

The Raptor 700 is part of Yamaha’s sports and recreation range. Great for trail rides the Raptor 700 will get your adrenaline pumping. Athletic, durable and lightweight, the Raptor 700 is a fun ride. This model is designed for a range of conditions including grass, mud and tough trails. The Raptor 700 will allow you to follow the off-road track wherever it leads you. The comforts and capabilities of this model make its suitable for distance riding. It has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine which is liquid cooled with a displacement of 686cc. It has an electric start with a dry sump lubrication system.


Whether you are looking for a quad bike for recreation or utility, find affordable Yamaha Quad Bikes for sale on www.AutoMart.co.za.


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