COVID-19 Survey: Auto Mart Results

We know that COVID-19 and the lockdown have made an impact on the motoring industry, so we took it upon ourselves to do a survey to see how much it has been affected and how we can help businesses recover from these unfortunate circumstances.

The survey we conducted was sent to all the dealerships we have in our database and we would like to thank everyone who responded. Please view the survey questions and results below.

1. How will the lockdown affect used vehicle prices?

COVID-19 Survey Q1 | Auto Mart

2. Will you change your stock mix (offer more lower-priced vehicles)?

COVID-19 Survey Q2 | Auto Mart

3. Has the lockdown changed your digital marketing strategy?

COVID-19 Survey Q3 | Auto Mart

4. Are you offering any online finance applications?

COVID-19 Survey Q4 | Auto Mart

5. How many sales have you made during the lockdown?

COVID-19 Survey Q5 | Auto Mart

6. Do you think COVID-19 will change the way your customers buy?

COVID-19 Survey Q6 | Auto Mart

7. Are you offering any trade-in valuations during the lockdown period?

COVID-19 Survey Q7 | Auto Mart

8. Will COVID-19 affect the ITC scoring of your customers, making vehicle financing more difficult?

COVID-19 Survey Q8 | Auto Mart

9. Do you have a new marketing strategy to boost your sales efforts after the lockdown is done?

COVID-19 Survey Q9 | Auto Mart

10. What percentage of your sales staff is operational during the lockdown?

COVID-19 Survey Q10 | Auto Mart


  • The majority of dealers stated that they haven’t made any sales during the lockdown, although there were some dealers who were lucky enough to get a few vehicles sold.
  • It’s also apparent that used car sales will be more important in the coming months.
  • Dealers have been relying more on social media to drive engagement.
  • The majority of the dealers agreed that COVID-19 would affect the ITC scoring of their customers, making vehicle financing more difficult.

How Auto Mart can help you:

At Auto Mart, we understand the current economic struggles and how difficult it is for you as a business owner to stay positive. We’re feeling the pressure too.

But now it’s more important than ever to focus on your digital marketing strategy to help your business survive.

If you would like to find out more our digital solutions, contact us on 060 098 8897 or email

Survey done through SurveyMonkey

COVID-19 Survey: Auto Mart Results
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COVID-19 Survey: Auto Mart Results
We've conduted a survey to better understand the impact COVID-19 and the lockdown have had on the industry. View the survey questions and results...
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Auto Mart
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