The BMW X5 surpassing its own standards

The third generation BMW X5 is thrilling and luxurious offering. With exceptional driving capabilities, performance, technology and comfort, the BMW X5 for sale is most definitely one to watch.

x5 bmw for sale

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

An Overview of the BMW X5

The sleek, sporty and clean design mean this BMW SUV holds your attention and the powerful engine and unique technologies make it a great drive.

You’ll find a range of BMW TwinPower Turbo engines, making it a drive you need to experience. The BMW engines means for great drives, no matter the terrain, or where you find yourself.

With a range of comforts and features to choose from, the X5 for sale is a top one. If you’re looking to try an environmentally friendly version, the BMW Hybrid eDrive is consideration.

The BMW Hybrid Option

What do you get when you mix the luxurious all-wheel X5 with a plug-in? The BMW X5 xDrive40e, or the eDrive, of course. You’ll find the same luxury and quality you know with the X5, all with an eco-friendly, electric plug in option.

This BMW Hybrid allows you to choose between a range of modes to suit your lifestyle and needs, from purely electric and zero fuel emissions to a hybrid of fuel and electric to maximise the efficiency and power of both. The auto mode allows you to do just that, combining the use of the engine and motor to make the most of the drive.

x5 bmw hybrid

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

The purely electric mode is where the eDrive is something special. The eDrive has a 185kW 2-litre turbopetrol generator, it can take you for 30 kilometres with zero fuel and zero emissions, and with speeds of around 120km/h, making it perfect for getting around the city.

You can recharge it at certain dealerships, or have a charging station installed at home.

If you live in the city and are looking to try electric then the eDrive is for you. If you’re more of a traditional driving fan, then the BMW X5 for sale is ideal.

BMW X5 Exterior and Engine

The BMW X5 boasts a sleek and strong look, with a range of new eye catching design elements that include the BMW Air Curtain, LED lights and the Air Breather.

These are not only eye catching but help improve everything from aerodynamics to fuel efficiency. It includes the BMW Air Curtain and Air Breather, which make for a sporty feel and also help in reducing emissions and with fuel efficiency.

The adaptive LED lights for the X5 for sale include low and high beam variations and the light is automatically changed and configured to match your speed and angle of steering. The lighting technology means improved visibility, whatever the terrain.

bmw x5 exterior design

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

While the design and features are striking, so is what is under the hood.

You’ll find a range of BMW TwinPower Turbo engines amongst the various models. The six-cylinder diesel engine is combined with a three-stage turbocharger and a rail direct injection, for a unique and response mix.

This BMW SUV goes from 0 to 100km in a mere 5.3 seconds and has 80 kW output with 740 Nm torque, making for a powerful drive. This coupled with the 8-speed Automatic Transmission Steptronic means optimised power and performance, wherever you may be.

Interior of the X5 for sale

The interior features include top materials, technology and offers a range of comforts for you to enjoy.

The BMW X5 for sale offers leather interiors mixed with electric chairs, that can be adjusted to every height. You’ll find a host of back rests and support to help with fatigue and ensure any journey is possible.

As for the rear seats, they can be adjusted to shift and split at either 60:40 or can be folded down at 40:20:40. Luggage space can set be up to 1,870 litres and you’ll find handy storage space for items in the optional storage net or storage box, meaning that whatever your passenger or luggage requirements are, you can meet them.

interior of the bmw x5 for sale

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

You can also choose an optional Multifunctional Instrument Display, which helps provide details and information on the drive. There are three different styles to choose from, including Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport, each of which allows you to drive in the most efficient way possible.

You can better understand your routes, and can keep track of calls and various other functions, using the panel.

You’ll also find a range of lighting packages for the BMW X5 that help create the best driving atmosphere. These include LED lights for a range of areas to help ensure the no matter the time, terrain or situation, you’ll be able to find your way.

Technology in the BMW X5

Technology is at the heart of the BMW X5 for sale and you’ll find a host of features to make each drive the best it can be. From sound to entertainment systems, you can have it all, on the go.

You’ll find the world-class Bang & Olufsen sound system as well as the Dirac Dimensions signal processing and 16 speakers around the X5, which ensures crystal quality sound, wherever you may be seated. You can also choose from two sound settings, the expanded and studio options, which allow you to experience your music in a variety of ways.

x5 for sale

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

This BMW SUV also offers you the choice of the rear-seat entertainment Professional, which comprises of two screens and a DVD drive, with connections for game consoles, radio and much more available; making it perfect for long drives and trips.

The X5’s Luxury Features

You’ll find many luxury features and additions for the BMW X5. These include distinctive paintwork, exceptional features and trims. You’ll also find leading technology bringing a range of other elements together.

The exterior of the X5 for sale can be customised with a unique paint finish that offers something special. The Ruby Black metallic option makes a statement, with hundreds of ruby crystals in the paintwork, allowing it to catch every ray of sun.

the bmw x5 entertainment professional

Image Source: BMW South Africa Website.

If it’s an interior finish you are after then the Merino leather finishes and trim may just be for you. You can choose Merino leather in five different colours, to suit your needs. The handcrafted elements are further found in the interior trims, piping and stitching. The trims include Sen light Brown, Ash Volcano Brown and Piano black.

All of the luxury features are available for you to customise and help make this BMW SUV truly your own.

Specifications of the X5 BMW

Interested in learning more about the BMW X5 for sale then this handy specification table is just for you.

Specifications of the X5 BMW for sale

Capacity (cc)4395 (A)1997 (A)1995 (A)2993 (A)2993 (A)2993 (A)
Maximum Torque (Nm @ rpm)650 @ 2000 - 4500 (A)450 @ 1250 - 4800 (A)500 @ 2000 (A)560 @ 1500 - 3000 (A)630 @ 1500 - 2500 (A)740 @ 2000 - 3000 (A)
Maximum Output (kW @ rpm)330 @ 5500 - 6000 (A)230 @ 5000 - 6500 (A)170 @ 4400 (A)190 @ 4000 (A)230 @ 4400 (A)280 @ 4000 - 4400 (A)
Top Speed (km/h)250 (A)210 (A)220 (A)230 (A)236 (A)250 (A)
Acceleration (0 - 100 km/h)4.9 Seconds (A)6.8 Seconds (A)7.7 Seconds (A)6.8 Seconds (A)5.9 Seconds (A)5.3 Seconds (A)
Combined Fuel Consumption (l/100 km)9.6 litres (A)3.3 litres (A)5.6 litres (A)5.9 lires (A)6.0 (A)6.6 litres (A)
What you can expect to pay for an X5

The X5 for sale has a great road performance and you can choose from a range of models that suit your needs. The 8-speed Standard model, with Sport Automatic Transmission Steptronic goes for around R887 000; while the various other models including the Pure Excellence, Sport Model and Pure Experience range from R908 500 to around R1 217 800, depending on specifications.

Comparing the BMW X5 to its competition

With great performance, technology and luxury features, how does the BMW X5 compare to other luxury cars in its class?

Well, this BMW SUV stacks up well compared to others including the Land Rover Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz M-Class and Audi Q7, to name a few.

All offer luxurious, on and off the road drives and performance, with a host of features to match.

The X5 comes in as a strong competitor, with its performance, drive and technology, being just a few of the standout features.

Looking for a BMW X5 to call your own? Browse through the range of deals listed on Auto Mart to find the perfect BMW X5 for sale that will not only fit your driving requirements, but your pocket as well.

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