Kia Optima: A fusion blend of bold styling and inducing performance

The Kia Optima has captured the attention of South African motorists since it was first released on the global market. Its smooth lines and stylish design make it an eye-catching ride. With its luxurious interior and powerful performance it is easy to see why finding a Kia Optima for sale is a popular option. The Kia Optima price includes a wide range of innovative technology. If you are deciding whether to find a Kia for sale, here is useful information to help you make up your mind.

The first generation of the Optima model was released in 2000. The next generation became available on the global market during 2005. The third generation was first unveiled in New York in 2010 and it was upgraded during 2013.


The 2015 Kia Optima and a look into the future

Kia Optima 2015 features exciting new technology. Although the car was upgraded last year the latest changes showcase innovative technological advancements. The latest model also incorporates slight alterations to its interior. The Optima features minor adjustments to its exterior. You can still find a Kia Optima for sale in LX, EX, SX as well as SX Turbo. An exciting addition to the 2015 model is that it is available in three new awesome colours. This year you can also choose between Platinum Graphite and Sparkling Silver. If you want to add a splash of colour to your life the Smokey Blue model is a great choice. Improved ergonomics include an acoustic laminated windshield. This latest feature helps to decrease wind noise so that motorists are offered a more relaxing environment. This windshield is also lighter so it decreases the vehicle weight. When you get into the Optima you will notice that the upholstery has been updated. The revised steering wheel features an altered button layout. The SX-Limited has an updated steering wheel which shows off brushed bezels and stylish stitching. The LX model comes with a black cloth option.

The EX, SX and SX Turbo are equipped with UVO eServices. This cutting-edge technology helps to provide the driver with more information through a smartphone. The exciting new services include Geo Fencing and Driving Score. The Speed Alerts and Curfew Alerts are other helpful features of this system. The LX model comes with the option of the UVO eServices that do not include the newest updates. The system still has an extensive range of features which include Car Care Web and Parking Minder. The Vehicle Diagnostics system is another convenient feature.


Reports have revealed that further alterations will be implemented for the 2016 Kia Optima model year. Kia’s vehicles are typically tested 18 months before they are released to the public on a mass scale. Improvements to this model aim to create a vehicle that is both stylish and comfortable with outstanding power-train technology. This will mean an upgraded exterior as well as an interior which incorporates more high quality materials. A huge benefit to driving this model is its excellent safety features. New technology in the Kia Optima for sale offers collision warning to help prevent accidents. Blind-spot detection as well as a lane-departure warning system helps to support the driver in staying safe on the road. Smart cruise-control is a convenient feature of this model. If a collision occurs, the high strength steel frame will help to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

Another change to the interior will be the exclusion of the metallic band which surrounds the centre consol. Silver trimmings will replace this feature. It is expected that the Kia Optima will come with the option of a four-cylinder 138 kW engine which has a peak torque of 241Nm. The other option is expected to be a turbocharged engine which delivers a power of 182 kW with a maximum torque of 352 Nm.


Finding an Optima for sale on Auto Mart

If you are looking for a Kia Optima for sale, take a look at the vehicles which are advertised on Auto Mart. Second hand vehicles offer great value-for-money. Make sure that you find a vehicle that is in good condition. Here are a few models to get you started.

  • 2012 Optima

You can find a 2012 Kia for sale. This vehicle is priced at R 199 990. It has a mileage of 2012. The vehicle is in excellent condition and it comes with a full service history. Extras include power steering and air conditioning.


  • Kia Optima

An Optima is available for R 279 995. This 2013 model has a mileage of 39000 km. The vehicle is in good condition. It is well maintained with a clean interior. Extras include power steering and air conditioning.


Interested in finding a Kia for sale? Why not opt for the amazing Kia Optima?  Beautifully designed and styled, the Kia Optima for sale is a great option. Visit Auto Mart today for great deals on all sort of vehicles for sale, including a spunky Optima model.

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