The Energetically Fun Mini Clubman

With its good looks and awesome performance it is easy to see why finding a Mini for sale is a popular option. An energetically fun car to own, Auto Mart explores the stunning Mini Cooper Clubman for sale.

A Unique Mini Clubman Design

The refreshed design of the Mini Clubman adds more style to the latest release from Mini. Its eye-catching spoilers add a finishing touch to its design. The extended roofline and attractive body colours finish off the Clubman’s look.

Iconic Mini features, such as the hexagonal grille and large round lights, leave no doubt as to the origins of this model. What sets the Clubman apart are the lights which surround the split doors as well as its broad shoulders. These additional elements enhance the Clubman’s athletic design.

Its elongated dimensions add a touch of class while increasing the interior space. Its intelligent design puts the additional space to good use. The interior can now accommodate five people and there is more leg room as well as a larger boot. This model has a 40:20:40 rear-seat split. The upgraded centre console is a highlight of this model.

Mini clubman

The elegant lighting options create a welcoming ambiance in the interior of the Clubman. The illuminated door bezels are just one of the lighting features that make the Clubman remarkable. The LED lights and illuminated fin antenna are designed to grab your attention. With the stunning lighting of the MINI Clubman it is difficult not to be noticed. Another reason to find a Mini clubman for sale is the addition of horizontal lights which accentuate the rear end design.

With a wide range of colour options you can choose one that meets your unique personality. Options include Burgundy and Melting Silver. You can accentuate the design of your vehicle by opting for an optional contrasting roof which is available in Aspen White or Jet Black.

Features of the interior include a multifunction leather steering wheel, sports seats and door entry strips. The Clubman has USB so that you can choose tunes that suit your mood. Connect your mobile phone or USB device and you will be good to go.

2016 Mini Clubman

Specifications for the Clubman Mini

When it comes to finding a Mini cooper clubman for sale you can choose between two model variations. The Clubman delivers 100 kW of power at 4400 rpm with a maximum torque of 220 Nm at 1250 rpm. It can accelerate from 0 – 100 kph in 9.1 s with a maximum speed of 205 kph.

The combined fuel consumption of this model is 5.4 l/100km with CO2 emissions of 125 g/km. With a permitted roof load of 75 kgs and a boot space of 360 – 1250l there is enough room to take your luggage along.

The Clubman S delivers 141 kW of power at 4500 rpm with a peak torque of 280 Nm at 1250 rpm. It has an acceleration speed of 0 – 100 kph in 7.2 seconds with a maximum speed of 228 kph. The fuel consumption for this model is 6.4 l/km and CO2 emissions of 148 g/km.


Take a look at this handy overview of both models to compare their specifications.

Technical Specifications for the Mini Clubman and Clubman S

MINI ClubmanMini Clubman S
Max Power (kW @ rpm)100 @ 4400141 @ 4500
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm)220 @ 1250280 @ 1250
Acceleration (0-100 kph) (s)9.17.2
Max speed (kph)205228
Fuel Consumption (l/km)5.46.4
CO2 Emissions (g/km)125148
Permitted Roof Load (kgs)7575
Boot Space (L)360 – 1250360 – 1250

Looking for a Mini Cooper Clubman for sale? Why not browse through Auto Mart’s collection of cars to find the perfect Mini for sale today? With awesome models to choose from, you are sure to find the Mini that compliments your unique style and budget.

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