The iconic Land Cruiser 79 that handles like a dream

In the market for a four-wheel drive and looking for something new? The Land Cruiser for sale is a popular option in South Africa and, looking at its range of capabilities, it is not hard to see why. The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is one of Toyota’s bakkies and today the Auto Mart team takes a closer look at why these beasts are so popular.

A quick look at the Toyota Brand and the Land Cruiser

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer founded in 1938 and is known for its range of vehicles, from city cars, sedans, 4×4 and everything in between.

The company reportedly has over 300,000 employees across the world and is one of the largest companies in the world, as well as one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world.

Toyota has operations and a network of dealerships in South Africa, and is known for its extensive selection, reliability and affordable range of vehicles, catering for everyone from petrol heads with the 86 to off-road enthusiasts with the Land Cruiser 70 Series.

One of their most popular ranges is the Land Cruiser range. The Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the oldest models and is the longest running series in Toyota’s history, with its origins found in the Toyota Jeep BJ, which was manufactured in 1951. The range took on the name Land Cruiser at a later stage and has become hugely popular across the world.

toyota land cruiser

The Land Cruiser range consists of a series of light-duty, heavy-duty and wagon vehicles, with hard top and convertible models produced, with an option for all needs.

The Toyota Land cruiser range of models has an iconic status, as rugged, reliable, tough and ready to handle anything. This is in part thanks to its testing in the Australian outback, which is known for its tough terrain and harsh temperatures and conditions.

This also translates well in South Africa, as the Land Cruiser 70 series can take on a host of challenging conditions and situations. One of the popular series in this range from Toyota is the Land Cruiser 79 series, offering a number of models available for all your needs.

The Double Cab Toyota Land Cruiser 79

The Land Cruiser Double Cab series has an exciting range of features from a chrome package, front and rear mud guards, power steering, a handy navigation system and much more.

The models in this Toyota Land Cruiser bakkie range can be adapted for a range of needs, strong and durable to perform as a bakkie and to carry up to 5 passengers, while at it.

The 79 Series Toyota Land Cruiser for sale is suited to the South African climate and can handle what comes its way. Tough and rugged, with a sleek edge, thanks to its chrome touches and aluminium accents, it offers carrying capacity and an adventure for all.

toyota land cruiser 79

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

Design wise, the sleek chrome package coupled with the handy aluminium side steps, front and rear towing hook, mud guards and over fenders provide a rugged yet refined look to the series.

The air conditioning, power steering, Bluetooth, USB and smartphone connectivity, as well as the TAS 300 navigation systems all come together to ensure a powerful ride.

The interior of the double cab Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is comfortable and spacious for a bakkie, with adjustable windows, audio and navigation systems, in case you find yourself in new terrain ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy every bit of the journey, as well as an air conditioner to cool things down when the days get hot.

As for power the 4.0 litre petrol engine found on the one Double Cab models has a power output of 170 kW @ 5200 r/min and torque of 360 Nm @ 3800 r/min.

land cruiser bakkie

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

The safety features include an extended front bumper, as well as Anti-lock Braking System, which is ideal for all off road situations, while Rear differential helps with more traction for the wheels on a range of surfaces, while Ventilated front and rear disc brakes ensure you can come to a stop, no matter where you find yourself. This Land Cruiser for sale also includes central locking, a range of airbags (driver and front passenger included) and much more.

Double Cab Petrol Land Cruiser 79

The Double Cab Petrol variation in the Land Cruiser 79 comes in at R599 600 and is the entry model of the series. You’ll find alloy wheels, a 4.0 litre petrol, V-Type 6 cylinder engine with maximum power of 170 kW at 5200 r/min and torque at 360 Nm @ 3800 r/min. You’ll also find a Manual 5-speed transmission.

All of this results in a powerful and sturdy drive and a Toyota Land Cruiser bakkie that can handle various terrain.

The Double Cab Petrol comes with the standard navigation audio system as well as a host of features including back seat pockets, for the driver and passengers to stash anything they may need. While it may be entry level, it doesn’t mean it isn’t tough and ready for anything.

Double Cab Diesel 79 Land Cruiser

Another outstanding model in the Land Cruiser 70 Series is the Double Cab Diesel variation coming in at R628 900 and has a host of different features compared to the Petrol version.

It also boasts alloy wheels and overfenders but its engine is where things are taken up a notch.

This Toyota Land Cruiser features an Inline 6 diesel engine with maximum power of 98 kW at 3800 r/min and torque at 280 Nm @ 2200 r/min. As with the petrol variant, you’ll find a Manual 5-speed transmission.

This Toyota Land Cruiser for sale offers a great drive and offers the chance to get out and explore a host of terrain. You’ll find all of the other standard features on Double Cab Petrol and Diesel from the audio and navigation to the ABS and front bumper.

toyota land cruiser for sale

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

Land Cruiser 79 V8 Double Cab Diesel

Last but certainly not least is the V8 Double Cab Diesel it is the top of the line model in the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 range and has the most exciting specifications, which means that at R706 200, it is a good price point for the offering.

The V8 Double Cab Diesel has a 4.5 litre V8 engine that has a power output of 151 Kw @ 3500 r/min and 430 Nm of torque @ 1200 – 3200 r/min, ensuring it’s extraordinarily fast, powerful and can go just about anywhere you want to go, at any pace.

This Land Cruiser for sale comes with alloy wheels and a range of features that can be found across the other models, from the overfenders, air conditioning and audio systems to make any, and every journey a great one.

Intrigued and want to know more? The three Toyota Land Cruiser bakkie models each have their own unique offering for all your needs. They make for the ultimate ride, no matter if you are a farmer or 4×4 there is a rugged, ready-to-go and affordable, quality offering to choose from, that can handle any terrain.

land cruiser 79 models

Image Source: Toyota South Africa Website.

Specifications of the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Range

Interested a Toyota Land Cruiser for sale? This specifications table is an ideal way to see your favourite model side by side and pick your top choice.

Specifications of the Land Cruiser 79 Range

ModelDouble Cab PetrolDouble Cab DieselV8 Double Cab Diesel
Number of Cylinders and Arrangement V-Type 6Inline 6V-Type 8
Maximum Power170 kW @ 5200 rpm94 kW @ 3800 rpm151 kW @ 3400 rpm
Maximum Torque 360 Nm @ 3800 rpm280 Nm @ 2200 rpm430 Nm @ 1200-3200 rpm
Engine Capacity4.0 litres4.2 litres4.5 litres
Fuel Tank130 litres130 litres130 litres
Displacement (cm3)395641644461
Top Speed (km/h)165 km/h150 km/h160 km/h
TransmissionManual 5-speedManual 5-speedManual 5-speed
Fuel Consumption (Combined Cycle) 14.4 litres / 100 km12.24 litres / 100 km11.9 litres / 100 km
Emission ControlEuro 2Euro 2Euro 4
Approach Angle36˚36˚36˚
Departure Angle27˚27˚27˚
Gross Combination Mass (GCM)4700 kg4700 kg6800 kg
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)3200 kg3200 kg3300 kg
Unbraked Towing Capacity750 kg750 kg750 kg
Braked Towing Capacity1500 kg1500 kg1500 kg
Ground Clearance235 mm235 mm235 mm
Starting PriceR 599 600.00R 628 900.00R 706 200.00

Interested in the Toyota Land Cruiser 79? Why not browse through the great deals listed on Auto Mart to find an absolutely awesome Land Cruiser for sale today?

The iconic Land Cruiser 79 that handles like a dream
Article Name
The iconic Land Cruiser 79 that handles like a dream
The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 is one of Toyota’s bakkies and today the Auto Mart team takes a closer look at why these beasts are so popular.
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Auto Mart
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