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The latest Smart ForTwo vehicles offer great reductions in CO2 emissions as well as fuel consumption. Not only are these compact cars better for the environment, you will also save money on fuel. With high petrol prices and concerns about pollution levels in cities this is an appealing benefit of the Smart cars. With its compact design these small cars are perfect for navigating city streets. It is also easier to manoeuvre into small parking spaces with this vehicle. Its fuel efficiency and bold design make it a great student car. Students will also find it easier to drive the Smart car when compared to larger more cumbersome vehicles. If you are looking for a Smart car for sale, here is useful information about the ForTwo to help you make up your mind.

Smart ForTwo Model Options and Specifications

The Smart ForTwo comes in three different model options which include the mhd Pure, Pulse, Passion. These awesome vehicles are equipped with everything you need to support your busy lifestyle. Their practical design, comfortable features and intelligent layout add to their appeal. Innovative technology incorporates the automatic start/stop principle which switches the engine off and restarts it again when you are waiting in traffic or stopping at robots. This helps to further reduce the fuel consumption of these models. The ForTwo leads the small car segments with its excellent safety features. It offers the driver both active and passive safety protection. This includes an electronic stability programme and hydraulic brake assist.


The eye-catching appearance of the ForTwo mhd Pure is enhanced by a black radiator grille and door handles. Inside the car fabric components are incorporated into the instrument panel. It has a 2-spoke steering wheel as well as steel wheels. The difference between the Smart ForTwo Coupe and the micro hybrid drive is its modified fuel consumption and emission specifications. This model is priced from R 214 000. The ForTwo mhd Pulse Coupe has a more athletic design. Highlights of this model are its wide 3-double-spoke alloy wheels. Inside the car the 3-spoke leather sports steering wheel adds an athletic feel. Prices for this model start at R 232 000. The mhd Passion Cabrio has an elegant style and comfortable features. Its performance is enhanced by a turbo rated engine which has a maximum output of 62 kW. Other highlights of this model include automatic temperature control air conditioning as well as an automatic gear program and electric windows. Prices for this model start at R 249 000.


The Smart ForTwo has a 3-cylinder in-line engine with a capacity off 999cc. The Pure and Pulse offer a maximum power output of 52 kW at 5800 rpm while the turbo boosted Passion engine delivers 62 kW of power at 5250 rpm. These small cars have a maximum torque of 92 NM at 4500 rpm with an increased torque of 120 Nm at 3250 rpm produced by the Passion. The acceleration of these vehicles is from 0 to 100 kph in 13.3 seconds with the Passion having a faster acceleration of 10.9 s. All these models use premium leaded fuel. The fuel consumption of the Pure and Pulse is 4.3 l/100 km with CO2 emissions of 103 g/km while the Passion has a consumption of 4.9 l/100km with emissions of 116 g/km.  All three models have an EU4 3-way catalytic converter with an energy efficiency rating of 4. The wheelbase is 1867 mm and they have a turning circle of 8.75 m. The luggage capacity of these cars is 220 – 340 l.

Finding a Smart Car for sale

Take a look at some of the smart cars for sale on Auto Mart to get you started.

  • Smart ForTwo Coupe

A coupe is for sale on Auto Mart. This 2013 model is priced at R 124 900. It has a mileage of 20000 km. Extras include a radio, CD and MP3 player. It also has EBD and ABS. Convenient features of this model are its power steering and electric windows. A sunroof adds to its appeal.

When it comes to finding the right Smart car for sale, the mhd Pure, Pulse and Passion are all great choices. The Smart ForTwo cars are perfect for city dwellers and their eye-catching design will set you apart from the crowd. Visit today and find the perfect Smart Car today!

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