The Most Popular Cars for Sale in SA

Ever wondered what cars most South Africans tend to buy? Generally it’s fairly easy to get an indication of what sells well just by taking a look around while driving. As South Africans, we always are, and always have been passionate about our bakkies. We love the versatility of a bakkie and that feeling of being able to tackle the off-road bundus whenever we feel like it.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger tops the sales charts as being the best-selling vehicle currently in South Africa. Thought you were seeing the same Ford Ranger over and over? Nope, they are everywhere, more and more South Africans are experiencing the sure joy of owning SA’s most desirable bakkie. The Ford Ranger does come at a price, but fortunately there are used cars for sale in South Africa, making it even easier for you to get your hands on a Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger bakkie

Dominating the South African market, the extremely rugged and ever reliable Toyota Hilux comes in second place. Another bakkie dominates the SA roads as we see more and more why South Africans are buying bakkies. The reliability of the Hilux is no news to a South African, the Hilux badge carries a long history of success and flies the South African flag high as it continues to represent in the Dakar Rally.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux Dakar

In third place, just behind the Hilux, comes the ever popular Volkswagen Polo. It’s no secret that the Volkswagen Polo is in high demand. Used by almost any personality, the Polo is a great all-rounded car, being able to satisfy the needs of many different types of drivers in many different situations. From students to parents, the VW Polo stays a popular choice.

Volkswagen Polo

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