Top Affordable Cars for an Expanding Family

We know how difficult it can be to say goodbye to a trustworthy car, but if it physically can’t keep you happy then you ultimately need something a bit bigger and safer for your growing family. Having a big family can make simple day-to-day tasks extremely difficult and time consuming, therefore it would be a good investment to get a bigger family friendly vehicle.

Family Car


From taking the kids to sports practices to family vacation road trips, modern SUV’s and kombi’s offer plenty of space and comfort for the masses. You know it’s time to upgrade when you often have to do two trips when you should just be doing one, and you can’t fit all the toys and equipment in that you want. This often results in parents overloading their cars and children sitting on each other’s laps which can be extremely dangerous and distracting for the driver.


family car

If you are looking for used cars in South Africa, then there are some great family cars for you to choose from. The extremely reliable Volkswagen Touran is a great option for a large family. The Touran gives you the option of converting from a 7 seater to a 5 seater with a generous boot. The VW Touran offers great fuel economy and will allow you to not leave anything behind on your next family vacation.

Volkswagen Touran

Volkswagen Touran interior

The 7 seater Renault Grand Scenic offers families plenty of space and a comfortable ride with a modern and intelligent interior. The Renault is perfect for those long road trips as the fuel economy is great and there are plenty of compartments for toys and other entertaining gadgets.

Renault Grand Scenic

Renault Grand Scenic interior

Renault Grand Scenic boot

The Mazda 5 offers a fun and vibrant option to the family van and has become extremely popular with parents who are transporting large families. The Mazda 5 offers a good balance of comfort, speed and space and is a good value for money. The sleek design of the exterior along with the clever design of the interior make the Mazda 5 a great option for families.

mazda5 exteriorMazda 5

If you’re looking for a safe vehicle for your growing family, then visit for good deals on cars in your area.


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