How to select the best car insurance

Owning a vehicle can be a costly affair, regular maintenance and upkeep of a car can alone cripple a budget, so let us help you make some sound decisions when choosing the right car insurance.

When your car is at a certain age you will tend to get salesman trying to sell you car insurance, but you need to be very careful and make sure you read the fine print. Rather take a bit more time comparing quotes to see who can offer you the best deal and the best rates.


It’s important that you understand what type of insurance you are looking for, and also what you are looking for in a car insurance company. Whether you’re looking only for the cheapest car insurance or a more reliable policy make sure that they can offer great coverage, good pricing and good customer service.

Once you have found a suitable car insurance company, start to do some investigating and read reviews and comments from previous and current customers to get a better understanding of their reputation and whether they are even licensed to sell car insurance. The Internet is a magnificent tool, use this technology to your advantage when comparing prices and reviews.

In the Auto insurance industry there are 3 basic levels of cover for you to choose from:

  • Third party
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

Third party

Third party is legally the minimum that you should have, it covers the third parties but not you as the driver, therefore if something happens and your passengers gets injured then they are covered but you will have to pay for the damages to your vehicle. This type of insurance is usually recommendable if your car is less than a certain amount and you can easily replace the vehicle if you have an accident.

car-accidentThird party, fire and theft

This option along with Third party are not always your cheapest options although it may seem like it, so always compare prices. Third party, fire and theft is similar to third party, except your repairs and replacement parts are covered if your vehicle gets damaged by fire or stolen


Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive is usually the highest level of cover that insurance companies offer, as it is the only type that covers you if you damage your own vehicle. Fully comprehensive cover allows you to claim for repairs after an accident, accidental damage or vandalism to your vehicle.

If you are choosing comprehensive cover it is curtail that you check exactly what you are covered for as not everything is included, you need to make sure that you know what you are getting. Things like windscreen damage, theft of car keys and personal belongings inside the vehicle are not always covered.


Accidents happen far too often on our roads, therefore more and more car owners are getting their vehicles insured, but often when it comes to claiming, they realise they don’t have the right type of insurance.

It is important that you have a good understanding of how insurance companies work and what type of insurance you are getting involved in. Do your homework before choosing a car insurance company and make sure you are getting the right cover for your vehicle.

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