On the Couch – Tips for first time buyers – Part #2

on-the-couch-from-auto-martWelcome to another session with Auto Mart’s “#onthecouch”.  We welcome Sanet Labuschagne to OnTheCouch once more who will be sharing her great tips and advice on how to buy a car for the first time. Whether you are buying for yourself OR parents buying a first car for their child, right here OnTheCouch is where the How To’s are happening, including tips for first time buyers.

Today OnTheCouch we will be discussing the topic of “top makes and models” with recent MasterChef Television series star Sanet Labuschagne who is the brand ambassador for one of our many premium car dealers ,S4 Auto.  

On the Couch – Tips for first time buyers video part 2



Questions posed to guest:

  • Sanet, when looking to buy a car for the first time, do specific makes play a role?
  • Which makes and models do you suggest as a first time car to buy?
  • What comes with a used car in terms of services and maintenance?
  • What should a first time buyer be aware of when applying for finance?
  • Many dealerships can assist the buyer in applying for finance, is this a safer route?
  • What would you say is a nifty budget to have when shopping for a car, for a first time buyer?
  • Where/how can our first time buyers find your vehicles?

Stay tuned for our next ‘How To’ clip on “Where/how to check for type pressure” and be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date. 

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