The World’s Biggest Motorcycle

Have you ever heard of the Gunbus 410? If you’ve never heard or seen the world’s biggest motorcycle then allow us to introduce you to this “little” monster.

The Gunbus 410


The Gunbus 410 is absolutely massive, and stands in a class of its own. The biggest Harley Davidson seems like a scooter compared to this massive beast, and we all know that Harley Davidson does not produce inferior or small motorcycles, but this battle is one sided no matter the manufacturer of the motorcycle you would like to compare it to.

The Gunbus 410 motorcycle measures 3, 47 meters in length and a height of 1, 48 meters. The motorcycle can boast with a 2 cylinder V-type engine. The pistons bore is a whopping 156mm and the engine produces 710 Newton meters of torque. The engine uses a 3-gear sequential transmission that even includes a reverse gear. The total weight of this “little” monster is around 650 kg without the weight of the fuel. And get this, the actual sitting height of the motorcycle is 800 mm high, which means that if your legs aren’t longer than 80cm while sitting down you won’t be able to ride this monster as you won’t be able to balance it when standing still.

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The Gunbus 410, also known as the world’s biggest motorcycle is hand made by a company called Leonhardt Manufacturing in the southern parts of Germany. This is a one of a kind motorcycle model that makes use of 38” front tires and 42” back tires that is only manufactured by RIGDON – also a company in Germany. These tires are specifically made for this motorcycle, so be aware that a puncture or a shredded tire on this mean machine is not an easy fix that you can make at any mechanic, much less a back yard mechanic.

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Byron Martin

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  1. Arnold Walker says:

    This is nowhere near the biggest motorcycle,there are many three wheel utility motorcycles, upwards of 6ton haulage lorries that are bigger.Based on the design of the Scammell three wheel tractor.In many third world countries with limited roadway and docking area.They have proven to be able to deliver goods/passengers in tighter places, many other trucks/cars could not.Even in Germany the half track motorcycle used in world war 2 was bigger.Could think of three wheel RV coaches.That are bigger and better built…at least one of them Germany.
    Much of the European recovery from WW2 was made possible by big utility motorcycles ,about half dozens names come to mind like Vespa,MotoGuzzi,Cushman,etc.

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