A classic Ferrari wheels its way into the record books

In 1954, Ferrari released a car known as the “Fearsome Four-Nine” for a sports racing team. With the biggest and most powerful engine, the 4.9-litre Ferrari 375 Plus was sold for $18, 2 million at the Goodwood Festival this year.

Like every other classic car, the Ferrari 375 Plus is a captivating and rare beauty. It evokes memories of the time when Argentine ace JoséFroilán González beat all opposition in the Formula 1 BRDC International Trophy race at the Silverstone May Meeting in Great Britain.

This amazing car coupled with its rarity, is said to be one of the four racing cars of its kind made in 1954 by Ferrari and apparently the only surviving one.


If you are a classic car fanatic, the story of the “Fearsome Four-Nine’ is a beautiful journey that should inspire any classic car collector.

The classic car was dubbed the “Fearsome Four-Nine,” for its 4.9-liter V12 engine, it was raced by the likes of Umberto Maglioli, JoseFroilan Gonzalex, Jim Kimberly, Troy Ruttman and Howard Hively. The car went from being ancient to completely being modern. This classic beauty received some modern reworking and currently holds the title as the most expensive vehicle sold in the year 2014.


Although it is not the greatest Ferrari of all time, it is one of the top classic cars of all time, hence it’s inclusion in record books.

Whether you want to drive this classic car or use it as a display, there is a rare beauty about this classic car that encapsulates and instils a sense of class and elegance to both the driver and the viewer.

Considering the era in which these vehicles were build, these classic cars have become revered for their engineering and design and with their reverence and rarity we can appreciate the price of expensive nostalgia at which these beauties are bought and cherished.

The “Fearsome Four-Nine” has the biggest engine and most powerful engine and is by far one of the most well-known sports cars in the world. The interior of this classic car is as amazing as the exterior (: a leathered two-seater car with the branding of the Ferrari on the steering wheel. This is an automobile to be proud of.

If you have a classic car you feel is worth as much money as this classic Ferrari, do not hesitate to show us your most prized possession.

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