5 interesting things to do with old Tyres

The idea of recycling and reusing should not only end at bottles and cardboards; they can stretch all the way to rubber. With old tyres, you can easily turn a yard into a playground or turn a braai day with friends into a moment of bragging about your awesome inventions.


Don’t have a table? Well make one from an old tyre and furnish it with awesome comfy seats also made from tyres.


You can use old tyres to make just about anything, like a place to keep the ice during a braai, or a fruit basket to match your manly taste. Tyres are recyclable and reusable.


You can make a swing for the kids. Children get easily restless when you do not give them something to play with. A nice swing made from old tyres can turn your yard into a playground. All you will need is some paint and old tyres, and you start creating a dream playground for them.


Or maybe you do not have enough chairs or seats to accommodate people for that unexpected party, what do you do? You create them from old tyres! With old tyres, you can create a beautiful couch or comfortable seating that can be easily move around different environments indoors or outdoors.

Tyres do not only have to be used on the road and then forgotten; when they get old, use them to revamp your home or garden.


While everyone else is just planting flowers, you can be happy knowing you are contributing to the wellness of the environment, as left over car parts contaminate the environment. You can be glad to make use of the tyres for the good of global warming.

Speaking of reusing, there is also an advantage to purchasing a classic vehicle. Although they were very expensive at one point, they have become much more affordable and completely reusable today. Cars such as the Mazda Miata and the Chevrolet Camora Z, you can easily afford today. Get yourself one and prevent old cars from turning into contamination that can ruin the environment.

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Yolanda Zondo

Writers see the world differently. Every voice we hear, every face we see, every hand we touch could become story fabric.

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