The snazzy Honda Jazz, cool inside and out

The Honda Jazz is an affordable vehicle that offers you great value for money. The Honda Jazz price sets it apart from the crowd, and its refreshed exterior design is complemented by improved interior space. The enhanced overall efficiency results in decreased running costs as well as a reduced environmental impact. Upgrades to the previous generation have taken the latest model up a notch. If you are looking for an entry-level vehicle that turns heads, find a Honda Jazz for sale on Auto Mart.

Innovative exterior design

The cutting-edge construction of these Honda cars results in a lighter vehicle while boosting the strength and rigidity of its design. Another advantage of finding the latest Jazz Honda for sale is that this model features improved suspension. Its steering systems have also been upgraded. The new chassis complements the extended wheelbase, which results in an exceptional ride quality. Excellent stability makes driving a Jazz an enjoyable experience.

Its handling capabilities are another factor that makes this vehicle great to drive. Its exterior design is distinctive to the Honda brand, and its design is more powerful and linear than its predecessor. The Jazz has an aerodynamic shape that is aesthetically appealing while also functioning to improve its performance. Its good looks are completed by a steep windscreen and a sculptured rear.

exterior of the honda jazz

Image source: Honda South Africa website

The Honda Jazz sophisticated interior

As has come to be expected of Honda cars, the Jazz features a comfortable and spacious interior. Upgrades to its design have created extra leg room inside these awesome vehicles while luggage space has increased to 363 litres. You can expand this area to 881 litres by folding down the rear seats. The flat floor, as well as the vertical sides, are design elements which boost the luggage carrying capacity of this model. The Honda Jazz is equipped with Magic Seats, which can be adjusted using strategically placed levers. With this feature, you can adjust the interior space to accommodate larger objects. You can even fit your mountain bikes inside your vehicle by selecting Tall Mode.

The interior of the Jazz features black upholstery that is stylish and comfortable. Charcoal finishes and silver accents enhance the elegant design of the cabin. The ergonomic layout of the controls adds to the convenience of driving a Jazz. The instrument panel makes it easy for the driver to access important information at a glance.

space in the honda jazz

Image source: Honda South Africa website

Performance and specifications featured in the Honda Jazz

The latest Jazz comes with two engine options. The state-of-the-art 1.2 litre, four-cylinder engine delivers an efficient performance. This engine delivers 66 kW of power at 6000 rpm with a peak torque of 110 Nm at 4800 rpm. When you are looking for a Honda Jazz for sale, your other option is the 1.5 litre, four-cylinder engine which offers exceptional reliability. These engines deliver 88 kW of power at 6600 rpm with a peak torque of 145 Nm at 4600 rpm. These engines feature i-VTEC technology which offers increased efficiency. The Jazz comes with a five-speed manual transmission. A Constantly Variable Transmission is also available for this model.

The Honda Jazz safety features

The Honda Jazz is equipped with both passive and active safety features. Airbags offer the vehicle’s occupants protection if a collision takes place. The three-point inertia reel seatbelts help to prevent serious injuries if an accident occurs. The ABS brakes are enhanced by electronic brake force distribution to offer the driver support in emergency situations. Another useful safety feature that comes with these Honda cars is emergency braking assistance.

Honda Jazz variations

With four specification levels to choose from, you can find a Honda Jazz price that matches your budget. At the start of the range is the 1.2 Trend which costs R179 900. Next in the lineup is the 1.2 Comfort which comes with a manual or CVT gearbox. Another option is the 1.5 Elegance with a manual or CVT gearbox. At the top of the range is the 1.5 Dynamic which will set you back R264 900.

Its awesome features are another advantage of finding a Honda for sale. Highlights of the Trend and Comfort variations are their audio system with auxiliary, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. The Elegance models boast a five-inch colour display. At the top of the range you get a seven-inch touch-screen infotainment system when you buy a Dynamic variation of the Jazz.

red honda jazz

Image source: Honda South Africa website

With so many advantages to driving the Honda Jazz, it’s easy to see why finding a Honda Jazz for sale is such a popular option among South African motorists. The affordability and reliable performance of the Honda Jazz make these vehicles stand out.

The snazzy Honda Jazz, cool inside and out
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The snazzy Honda Jazz, cool inside and out
The Honda Jazz is an affordable vehicle that offers you great value for money. Learn more about this car on the Auto Mart Blog.
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