BMW M5: The Ultimate Driving Machine

The latest BMW M5 for sale has its roots anchored in a legendary line of tire burning beasts. The BMW M5 has a long heritage of ground breaking performance cars that not only beat the rest of the competition but set new standards for other car companies to follow. If the BMW car manufacturing company was a story then the M5 is the main hero in their legendary tale.  This article will highlight why the M5 BMW is such an iconic street racer and then we will take a look at the latest M5 for sale that will undoubtable become the next benchmark in the motoring industry.

A brief history of a legend

The first M5 BMW addition was actually created as a response to another racing demon of its day, The 1983 Mercedes 2.3 16V version of the 190. BMW admits that they needed to have a vehicle that could match the performance of the Mercedes rocket, which led them developing the very first M-powered 5-Series. It was originally called the M535i but this was the original M5.

The M535i has a straight six, 3.5 liter engine that could produce 218bhp with 310 Nm of torque. Think about it, this is a car that was made in the early 1800’s that is equivalent to a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire… that’s impressive performance.

The first BMW M5 for sale could get you from standing still to 100kph in 7.2 seconds and could reach speeds of 230kph. One year later the first “proper” M5-badged BMW was rolled off of the production line. By 1987 2200 M5’s had been sold to happy customers all over the world.

1988 saw the second M5 which sold 11,000 units up till 1995. The third M5 addition sold 20,000 units till 2003. The fourth generation M5 was a five liter monster that accelerated from 0-100kph in 4.7 seconds and won the engine of the year award for 2005 and 2006.

Lastly, we had the BMW M5: F10. 552bhp and a mind bending 679Nm of torque from a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8. This BMW for sale took only 4.3 seconds from start to 100kph and was limited for the first time to 250kph because this monster could very easily run away with you without you realizing.

In 2016 a new addition has been added to the M5 family, let’s have a look at the latest M5 for sale…


The exterior of the 2016 BMW M5

The design of the new M5 screams athleticism and elegance. The redesigned double kidney M5 grille sits between Adaptive LED Headlights. The broader chassis flows nicely into the horizontal contours of the car’s muscular sides with a unique crease line. With the competition package you will see a distinctive M spoiler, new rear light, a diffuser and some classy chrome twin tailpipes.

The wheels can be selected from a high quality alloy M range that come in either 19 or 20 inch variants which all perfectly compliment the M5 BMW’s athletic façade. As a standard you get 19 inch double spoke M light alloy wheels that perfectly translate your car’s untameable speed to the flat top. The Competition package has exclusive Double-spoke M 601 M light alloy 20 inch rims that are unique to the M5 competition package.


The interior of the M5 speed demon

Inside the M5 for sale you will be met with a feeling of a car with a long racing heritage. The outside of the car melts seamlessly into the interior. BMW wants you to enjoy every single kilometer and the ergonomically designed cabin makes this quite obvious. It allows the driver to feel part of the whole experience and you and your car actually feel like a team. The redesigned M leather with the thumb rests on the multifunctional steering wheel make the driver feel like they are in total control when the car itself does a lot of the intuitive thinking for you. The leather comes in many colours ranging from black to a striking Sakhir Orange. The seating has molded side supports and every detail combines perfectly into a sporty experience that has zero compromise.

At a glance you get all of the vital driving information you need and the shifting paddles mean you have every single horse of power under your control. The M Drive Cruise Control function coupled with the interior telephone and audio system can be operated without distraction and the high tech instrument panel gives you constant feedback on the performance and health status of your four-wheel dream.


The beating heart of the M5 BMW

The piece of technology that breathes life into the BMW M5 for sale has to be the twin power turbo M V8 engine. Don’t take our word for it, the figures speak volumes. 412 kW of power and 680 Nm of torque and 4.3 seconds and stationary to 100 kph in 4.2 seconds, that’s power! This amazing torque is achieved from the interaction of the usual M linear power curve and the hair blowing thrust of the twin turbo chargers. Two separate systems cool the engine, charge the air and the engine electronics all whilst giving you an impressive power response thanks to BMW’s TwinScroll charging concept. This system utilizes power up until the very split second you touch the acceleration pedal. The engine is actually waiting to perform.

The BMW M5 engine makes use of many technological intelligent BMW Efficient Dynamics driving aids like Valvetronic, High Precision Injection and double-Vanos technologies. Not only do you get amazing power but this tech ensures you only use 9.9 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.


The BMW M5 Specs in terms of Performance

Max Output (kW/rpm)412/6000-7000
Max Torque (Nm/rpm)680/1500-5750
Consumption (l/100km)9.9
CO2 Emissions (g/km)232

Unrivalled performance with the Competition package

If the 412 kW behemoth wasn’t enough for you, then with the competition package this figure is pushed to 423 kW. With the Competition Package you have enhanced power, better steering and the modified exhaust system is guaranteed to give the drive goosebumps. A specially designed M chassis which is controlled by an adjustable suspension system is 10 millimeters lower to the ground.

The competition package has an active M differential which gives you more traction control and a lot of stability when going around the corners and manoeuvring on slippery roads. When lateral acceleration is needed, the M differential gives you precise handling even when on uneven surfaces. The Differential uses an electronic control that intelligently locks when needed. This is completely independent of the right and left wheel speeds. This means you get optimal traction, upgraded agility and amazing handling.

The BMW M5 M Carbon Ceramic Breaks give you the ability to effectively stop the M5’s spectacular power on demand. Pressure point breaking can be applied precisely to the areas it’s needed. This is because the brakes are lighter and have significantly reduced rotating and unsprung masses. This means you get optimal breaking abilities even in bad weather.

Your ride is further enhanced by the M Servotronic. This intelligent system adapts steering resistance to your driving speed. Higher speeds mean higher resistance and vice versa. With the Competition Package, the M Servotronic has been adapted for the higher performance levels so you really do get the feeling of a racing driver when you are driving.

Then there’s the 7 Speed Double Clutch Automatic Transmission in the M5 for sale that allows for the quickest vehicle reactions possible. A drive logic system transfers power in milliseconds without disturbing your traction. There is a double clutch because there are two separate transmissions and this power must be transferred to the rear wheels without any difference what so ever. You can change gears without any shift interruption.

BMW M5 for sale

BMW M5 in car technology

In true BMW fashion, there is a wealth of technological driver assistance. Let’s have a look:

iDrive Touch: This controller will allow the driver full control over the iDrive system with just the touch of your finger. So you can use the GPS, all the car’s functions and settings with touch alone. This means more time with your tires on the road.

Head up display with M display: All your car’s information is projected in full colour onto the area directly in your eye sight. Everything from navigation to speed to no overtaking indicators are displayed without hampering your line of sight. This is fully customizable and the intensity of the images will match the light intensity of your environment automatically.

Night vision: Optional night vision functionality will allow the car to see things in the dark that you cannot and warn the driver if there is a hazard in the road. An infrared camera surveys 300 meters ahead of you for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, then highlights them on the display. If you don’t notice this then a sound goes off that warns you of the oncoming hazard.

Anti Dazzled High Beam technology: You can drive with your high beams on at night because this system will selectively dip the beam in a specific direction when it detects other road users.

Camera systems: If you have ever tried to reverse out of a busy area then you will know how difficult it can be. The BMW M5 for sale has various cameras in the form of Park Distance Control, a Rear View Camera and Surround View. The Park Distance Control has cameras in the rear and front of the car so you can park safely with optical sensors that tell you how close you are to an object. The rear view camera helps you when you reverse and Surround View and the Side View camera systems help you when exiting roads and bends.

Active Protection: This system is meant to protect occupants of the vehicle from dangerous situations when they arise. When a bad situation occurs, pretensioned seatbelts secure the occupant, the seats automatically return to their upright positions, all windows and the sunroof close. The vehicle anticipates a potential treat when you made a very abrupt stop or if the car experiences a lot of under or over steer. On top of this, there are sensors that will check the driver for signs of fatigue by checking steering responses or irregular driving. You will see a notification suggesting that you pull over and have a rest.


The Special Edition M5 is heading to South Africa

BMW will bring only 20 special edition M5’s to our shores. BMW has named this the “Pure Metal M5”, it has the same 4,4 litre V8 engine, and will produce 441 kW of power and 700 Nm of torque. Now you can speed from 0 to 100 kph in just 3,9 seconds and reach a top speed of 305 kilometers per hour.

These performance enhancements are thanks to modifications in the engine management system which increases the pressure and therefore the power from the original M5 engine.

Due to the fact that you get everything from the Competition Package and more, there’s quite a hefty price tag. You can expect the Special Edition BMW M5 price to be R1 948 000, and this is before the CO2 tax has been added on.

If you want the ultimate in driving technology and a car that screams luxury then the latest BMW M5 for sale is the only choice. Make use of Auto Mart to find your dream BMW for sale. Compare prices, specs and find a car that will get your blood pumping. Selling your BMW? Place a FREE advert on our classifieds platform and get it sold with little effort.


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