2015 Gauteng Motor Fest

Great news…The annual Gauteng Motor Fest is around the corner and is ready to raise the heart beats of die-hard petrol heads.

This year the entertaining motoring show will start 24 July and run through to the 26th, so save this date and get ready to be amazed. Click here to see what went down on previous years.

car drift

What used to be known as the Gauteng Motor Show has now been updated to the Gauteng Motor Fest for future shows. The event started in 2004 at the Zwartkops Raceway and has grown in popularity and accumulated all sorts of motoring fans as the years went on.

bike stunt

Every year The Gauteng Motor Fest delivers highly intense motoring entertainment with a mixture of live performances and audience entertainment. The event is a popular day for families to spend the day together and enjoy all the various entertainment that is on offer.

racing car

Just like before, this year’s event will be brought to you by Thebe Reed Exhibitions, Southern Africa’s leading exhibitions and venue Management Company. Click here for more information on how you can get your hands on a ticket, or click here for contact information.

Gauteng Motor Fest-1

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