How to beat the Petrol Price increase

Sometimes it’s difficult to adjust to an increasing petrol price, especially if you have just enjoyed and gotten used to the decrease, and you own a fuel guzzling SUV. Unfortunately, due to the change in price of crude oil and the value of the Rand, the petrol price is heavily affected and as a result, motorists take the biggest knock, having to fork out extra for fuel.


Petrol price increaseIt’s always depressing when you hear news that the petrol price is increasing, but there’s no reason why you can’t use it to your advantage, if you plan your trips properly and save fuel where you can, then the price increase won’t affect you as hard as you think it will.

Because of our unstable Rand and the current economic state, it’s always good to be prepared and to know how to encounter inflation head on, you will be surprised how the little things can make such a BIG difference.

oil priceIf possible, avoid filling your tank during the price increase, rather just put in enough for you to get around, the more you fill up, the heavier your vehicle, and the more fuel you will end up using. Look for the petrol station with the lowest prices, as fuel prices at different stations can vary by quite a bit.

full fuel tankWhen possible, avoid driving when it’s not necessary, if you are driving alone, rather take public transport, a bicycle or walk. If your colleges or friends live nearby, then start a lift club, and you can take turns to drive, therefore splitting the load in half.

gautrainModern technology is amazing! Use this to your advantage and save yourself unnecessary trips where you can. Use online shopping, banking and delivery services to save yourself from having to do multiple trips.

We are fortunate enough to have fast access at our fingertips, and not a lot of people use it to their advantage. If you don’t have access to modern technology, then plan your trips carefully, try and see how you can kill two birds with one stone.

online shopping


Don’t drive like a maniac, when possible rather drive at a reasonable speed, driving unnecessarily fast will cost you. Driving 100km/h instead of 120km/h will alone reduce your fuel cost by almost 10%. If you can, avoid using the air conditioner, but if it’s unbearably hot, then avoid turning it to the max, using the air conditioner increases your fuel consumption.

By slowly including these tips into your daily lifestyle, you can overcome the petrol price increase and continue to do all the things that you love.

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