Author: Esta Pretorius

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Super GP Motorbike Racing 14 Sept

It’s Friday! Still don’t have any plans for the weekend? If you are a motorbike racing junky, there is good news for you. Zwartkop is hosting the Super GP this coming Sunday. This is...

Why we love Auto Mart! 0

Why we love Auto Mart!

Auto Mart was founded in 2004 with the goal of bringing car buyers and car sellers together. We wanted to expedite the purchase process by compiling a list of available vehicles and then presenting...

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Ladies in Racing

Incredible times normally bring forth incredible people. And if not for these people history as we know it would not be the same. In celebration of Women’s Day we look at two extra-ordinary woman...

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The New Google Self-Driving Car

How we love and envy the giant we know as Google. Google has transformed the way we live, do business and interact. Without Google the world would definitely be a very different place. In...

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The Best Student Cars of 2014

So you have finally earned it! Freedom. Freedom from having to rely on your little sister’s weird best friend driving you to university or your mom and dad hanging around the latest gig you...

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