5 cars that launch in South Africa in 2020

Motorists can expect exciting cars to launch on the SA market during 2020. From new models to upgrades, there are plenty of additions to look forward. The latest variation of the popular Toyota Corolla is a welcomed addition to the 2020 line-up, and the all-electric Mini Cooper is also an anticipated release. Looking for a new ride? Find cars for sale on Auto Mart today.

Car Launch - Toyota Corolla - Auto Mart
Image Source – www.toyota.co.za

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is an all-time favourite among South African motorists. The latest Corolla Sedan features a slimmer and lower design than previous generations. The new model boasts power fender flares, which complement its sculptured silhouette. The 2020 variation delivers an enjoyable ride with outstanding handling qualities. Comfort levels have been increased and there is plenty of legroom. It’s athletic good looks and reliable performance make it easy to see why the Toyota Corolla is a bestseller. The car launch of the Quest is expected to take place in the first quarter followed by the Sedan in the second quarter.

Car Launches - Golf 8 - Auto Mart
Image Source – www.volkswagen-newsroom.com

Golf 8

A highlight of the Golf 8 is its move towards digital. This model boasts a digital interior, which takes intuitive operation to new heights. Assisted driving enables the vehicle to reach speeds of 210 kph. The Golf 8 GTI is expected to reach local shores during the fourth quarter, followed by other variations of this exhilarating ride. This model will feature a DSG transmission and its top speed is likely to be 250kph. It’s expected to go from a standstill to 100kph in under six seconds. The GTI is equipped with a 2.0-litre, turbocharged engine that delivers 180 kW of power and 370 Nm of torque.

Car Launch - Landrover Defender - Auto Mart
Image Source – www.landrover.co.za

Jaguar Land Rover

Land Rover fans can expect the long-wheelbase Defender to be available during the second quarter of 2020. This initial release will be followed by the short-wheelbase variation during the third quarter. This distinctive SUV won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Its capable performance gives you the freedom to explore destinations off the beaten track. Its unique exterior design is enhanced by alpine windows, which allow more light into its interior. The pale green body panels are another defining feature of the Defender. The tailgate opens like a traditional door, which offers excellent durability while contributing to the Defender’s distinctive rear silhouette.

Car Launches - Mini Cooper SE - Auto Mart
Image Source – www.mini.co.za

Mini Cooper SE

The Mini Cooper SE is an exciting new offering on the South African market. The car launch for this all-electric variation is expected to take place during the second quarter. It has a driving range that reaches 270km.

Car Launches - GLS Maybach - Auto Mart
Image Source – www.mercedes-benz.com

GLS Maybach

The GLS Maybach takes luxury to new heights. This impressive SUV features a distinctive body design and innovative technology. Its exceptional performance and sophisticated interior set it apart from its competitors.

Now that you know more about the latest cars that will launch in 2020, you can invest in your dream car. Can’t wait for a new ride? Find a diverse range of affordable vehicles for sale on Auto Mart today.

5 cars that launch in South Africa in 2020 | Auto Mart Blog
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5 cars that launch in South Africa in 2020 | Auto Mart Blog
Motorists can expect exciting cars to launch on the SA market during 2020. From new models to upgrades, there are plenty of additions to look forward to.
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