Car safety checks you must get done before the festive season

Prepare for the festive season with our useful car safety tips. Whether you’re having a “staycation” or heading off on holiday, it’s important to know how to keep your loved ones safe when you’re travelling by road. Want to upgrade to a better car before you go on holiday? Visit Auto Mart to find your next ride.

Car Safety - Tyre checks - Auto Mart
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Check the oil, water, tyres etc.

It’s important to check your vehicle’s oil, water, and tyres regularly to uphold high levels of car safety. Checking and topping up your oil and water levels are easy, but it’s advisable to do so when the engine has cooled down.

Checking the tyre pressure can be done at home with the right tools or you can drive to your closest petrol station to check and pump your car’s tyres. Reviewing the condition of your tyres is also essential.

What to look out for when you check your car’s tyre treads:
• Visible tread wear bars
• Your tyre tread is less than 1.00mm
• Tyres are worn on the inner- and/or outer edge
• Centre wear or one-sided wear
• Flat spots on your tyres
• Tyres can also be unevenly worn throughout
• Check your tyres for punctures, cuts, and bulges

It’s advisable to take your car in for an alignment, balancing, and a general tyre check before going on holiday.

Test all the lights

You need to check all your vehicle’s lights before going on holiday. You can check the headlamps, fog lamps, brake lights, reverse lights, indicators, and your internal cabin light. You can keep spare bulbs and fuses in your car, just in case you need to replace something.

For extra visibility, you can drive with your lights on during the day.

Inspect the jack and spare tyre

Don’t get stranded on the side of the road without the equipment you need to change your tyre. Make sure that you have a jack that works properly in your vehicle’s boot. Check that the spare tyre is in good condition and that it’s properly inflated. Also, make sure you have a triangle and a tyre repair kit.

Car Safety - First Aid kit - Auto Mart
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Pack a first aid kit

Whether it’s for a minor injury or an emergency, it’s necessary to have a first aid kit in your vehicle. The items that you pack should include, but are not limited to:
● Gloves
● Bandages and scissors
● Plasters
● Alcohol swabs
● Gauze pads
● Antiseptic ointment
● Safety pins
● Adhesive tape
● Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medication
● Tweezers
● Insect repellent
● Sunscreen
● Cotton balls
● Cotton swabs
● A digital thermometer
● Tweezers
● Hand sanitiser
● Saline solution
● A CPR mask

Check windscreen wipers

Driving in rain is hazardous if your windscreen wipers aren’t working properly. Dirt and insects can also reduce your visibility if your windscreen wipers are damaged. Inspect the wipers regularly and replace them if they look worn.

Inspect your seatbelts

Make sure that your seatbelts are in good condition and that they’re working properly. Whether you’re driving around your neighbourhood or going on a road trip, it’s essential to have fully functioning seatbelts.

Car Safety - Seatbelt - Auto Mart
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Check your car’s brake pads

It’s important to ensure that your car’s brakes are functioning properly. You also need to ensure that the handbrake is working correctly. If you hear screeching noises when braking, rather take it in to be checked out.

Bonus tips for staying safe on the road

While preparing your car is essential to your safety, you’ll also need to protect your loved ones when you’re driving. Here are tips on how to stay safe on the roads:
● Understand and follow the rules of the road
● Take regular breaks during longer trips
● Don’t overload your vehicle
● Don’t exceed the speed limit
● Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you
● Don’t use your phone while driving
● Keep calm and don’t succumb to road rage
● Plan your route beforehand and allow plenty of time for your trip so that you don’t need to rush
● Avoid travelling after dark

Car Safety - Road Trip - Auto Mart
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Emergency numbers

● Police 10111
● Ambulance 10177
● Netcare 082911
● ER24 084124

Now that you know how to uphold high levels of car safety, you can look forward to a fun holiday this festive season. If you need a new ride, you can find a range of quality vehicles for sale on Auto Mart.

Car safety checks you should do before the festive season | Auto Mart
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Car safety checks you should do before the festive season | Auto Mart
Whether you’re having a “staycation” or hitting the road, it’s important to know how to keep your loved ones safe. Find more car safety tips on Auto Mart
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