With the Nissan Leaf, anything is possible

Anything is possible when you’re sitting behind the wheel of the innovative Nissan Leaf. This revolutionary vehicle offers you a truly unique driving experience. Looking for a ride that you can depend on? Find a Nissan for sale on Auto Mart.

Nissan Leaf - Front Exterior
Image Source – www.nissan.co.za

The advantage of electric cars

Invest in a Nissan Leaf and reap the benefits of driving an electric car. These innovative vehicles have no need for petrol and the hassle of oil changes is also eliminated. With a decreased number of moving parts, maintaining your electric car is easy. Your running costs for your vehicle will be less and you’ll also be reducing your impact on the environment.

Quality performance

Get behind the wheel of the Nissan Leaf and experience the fun for yourself. Effortless acceleration takes the ride quality to new heights. With a lower centre of gravity, the driver stays in control around corners. Whether you’re exploring the city streets or heading off on a road trip, these electric cars are designed to offer you an unforgettable ride. Switch to B-Mode to activate the regenerative braking force, which means that the battery will be charged every time you use the brakes to slow down.

Nissan Leaf - Exterior
Image Source – www.nissan.co.za

Attractive exterior

Get all eyes on you in a Radiant Red or Aqua Blue Nissan Leaf. For subtle sophistication, opt for a Dark Metallic Grey or Brilliant White Pearl variation. Not only does the Leaf look good, but it is also designed to be highly functional. Its aerodynamic design decreases wind resistance and gives its performance a boost. The Leaf boasts a drag coefficient of 0.28 and features low rolling resistance tyres. The end result is that the vehicle needs less energy to get you to your destination. The optional LED low-beam headlights look great while using less energy. An aerodynamic design contributes to their appeal. With a simple press of a button, the charge door opens effortlessly.

Innovative interior

Packed with advanced technology, the Nissan Leaf offers you comfort and convenience. All the information you need is clearly displayed on the dashboard. This feature makes it easy to monitor your vehicle’s energy consumption so that you know when to recharge. Despite its compact design, there’s plenty of room for four people inside the Leaf. Its spacious design ensures that you can take your family and friends along for the ride. For additional comfort during the colder months, opt for heated, folding-back seats. The batteries are positioned below the floorboard, which means that there’s enough space for your luggage. The Leaf boasts 370 litres of boot space, which can be extended by folding the back seats down. Climate control helps to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle. With its stylish and modern design, the interior of the Leaf looks great too.

Nissan Leaf - Full Interior
Image Source – www.nissan.co.za

Outstanding safety

Parking is easier and safer with help from the reversing camera, which features Predictive Path Technology. The Nissan Safety Shield ensures that you’re in good hands when you travel on the road. The advanced airbag system reduces the chance of serious injury if an accident takes place. The Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, and Brake Assist offer the driver support in challenging situations.


While the range is influenced by a variety of factors, you can expect the Nissan Leaf to offer you a range of 195km. Energy-saving drive modes help you to go further when you need to. The Multi-Function Display Drive Computer makes it easy to monitor the battery charge as well as the charging times. You can recharge your vehicle at home or by using the rapid chargers that are located at Nissan Leaf dealerships.

Nissan Leaf - Interior
Image Source – www.nissan.co.za

Launch yourself into the future by investing in an electronic car. The Nissan Leaf offers you an opportunity to enjoy a fun ride while decreasing your impact on the environment. Find a Nissan for sale on Auto Mart and get great value for money.

With the Nissan Leaf, anything is possible | Auto Mart Blog
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With the Nissan Leaf, anything is possible | Auto Mart Blog
Anything is possible when you’re sitting behind the wheel of the innovative Nissan Leaf. This revolutionary vehicle offers you a unique driving experience.
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