Here’s why you should buy the Opel Combo Van

Versatile and efficient, the Opel Combo Cargo Van adds great value to your business. Its huge load space and convenient features make it an excellent investment. The comfortable interior is designed to provide a workspace that promotes efficiency. If you’re looking for the ultimate transportation solution, find durable vans for sale on Auto Mart.

Opel Combo - Front Exterior
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Confident exterior design

With its bold design, the Opel Combo Van makes a good first impression. The standard model measures 4 403mm while the LWB variation is 4 753mm long. Both models have a width of 1 848mm. Its impressive payload reaches one tone and it’s capable of towing up to 1 250kg. Its boxy exterior design makes it perfect for advertising. With your company branding on your vehicle, you can extend your reach by making more potential customers aware of your business as you travel around the city.

Excellent work environment

The Opel Combo Van provides you with a comfortable work environment that’s conducive to productivity. Air conditioning helps to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle despite exterior weather conditions. This van offers you radio, Bluetooth, USB, and MP3 connectivity. The enclosed square body creates the perfect office if you need to get work done on-site. It’s weatherproof so it can protect you from the elements. Convenient features include power front windows as well as electric-controlled and heated side mirrors. They’re also equipped with a particle and odour filter.

Opel Combo - Front Interior
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The load space is designed to offer you superior efficiency and convenience. This van provides 4.4 maximum cubic meters of cargo space and a flat floor, which means that the wheel arches don’t take up valuable load space. The reduced load floor height makes packing and unpacking your goods easier and faster. You’ll also benefit from dual opening back doors. There’s room for 600kg of cargo in the standard model and 1 000kg in the LWB variation.

Safety features

The Opel Combo Van is fitted with a range of safety features. You can rest easy knowing that your employees and cargo are in good hands on the roads. Airbags and 3-point seat belts reduce the risk of serious injury if a collision takes place. Taking off on a steep incline is easier and safer with Hill Start Assist. Other safety features include ABS, EBD, and ESP.

Opel - Interior
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Your valuable cargo is safeguarded against theft by an enclosed shell that’s fitted with an alarm. Other measures to protect your vehicle from being the target of criminals include an anti-theft immobiliser and remote-controlled central locking. This model also has an interior electronic door lock at the back

Dynamic performance

The Opel Combo Van is equipped with a cutting-edge engine that delivers 68 kW of power with a peak torque of 230 Nm. The advantage of the low-speed torque is that it offers you an improved performance when you’re overtaking or towing. Its efficient fuel consumption of 5 l/100km helps to decrease running costs while reducing your company’s impact on the environment

Opel van - Spacious
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Customisation options

You can customise your Opel Combo Van so that it matches the requirements of your business precisely. There’s room for shelving and storage bins, which makes it simple to keep your workplace organised. Toolboxes are another functional feature that is available for this van. It’s possible to keep your cargo safely in place by using the floor tie-down loops. You’ll also have the option of refrigeration and compressor features.

Its flexibility and dynamic performance set the Opel Combo Cargo Van apart from the crowd. Looking for robust vans for sale? Find a range of exciting vehicles on Auto Mart and enjoy great savings.

Here’s why you should buy the Opel Combo Van | Auto Mart Blog
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Here’s why you should buy the Opel Combo Van | Auto Mart Blog
The Opel Combo Cargo Van adds great value to your business. Its huge load space and convenient features make it an excellent investment.
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