The 2019 Audi TT Coupé is a must see!

Get behind the wheel of the new Audi TT Coupé and experience a ride that’s out of this world. With its innovative equipment, comfort and convenience have reached new heights in these iconic cars. You’ll love their upgraded body and the addition of the multifunction steering wheel. Looking for an exclusive ride? Find an Audi for sale on Auto Mart.

The New Audi TT Coupè | Auto Mart
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Audi TT history

The first Audi TT was launched 20 years ago and since then these prestigious cars have been coveted by motorists across the globe. This 2-door sports car gets its name from the renowned race, the Isle of Man TT, a that has also been associated with technology and tradition. With its prestigious exterior design and luxurious interior, it’s easy to see why the Audi TT is a dream car for many South Africans. From start to finish, the upgraded model is designed to exceed your expectations.

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Sophisticated exterior

The Audi TT Coupé boasts an athletic and sophisticated exterior that turns heads. The LED headlights are a functional feature, which enhances the aesthetics of these exclusive cars. You’ll also have the option of Matrix LED technology. The modern turn signals accentuate the Audi TT’s dynamic design and during the colder months, the heated exterior mirrors come in handy. The latest model has a length of 4.19 meters with a wheelbase of 2.51 meters. With its distinctive good looks and 19-inch wheels, the Audi TT has a confident stance on the road.

The New Audi TT Coupè | Auto Mart
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Upgraded interior

At the heart of the latest Audi TT is its upgraded standard equipment. Now all models in this range boast advanced features, which make any trip better than ever before. The virtual cockpit is built with the driver’s needs in mind. Highlights of the Audi TT are its standard drive select dynamic handling system as well as its multifunction steering wheel. The rain and light sensor are convenient features, which makes dealing with changing weather conditions safer. Finding your way to new destinations is effortless with MMI navigation. MMI touch makes the system easy to operate. It responds to handwritten instructions and makes zooming possible. Use the voice control system to give commands while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

The high-quality interior provides a luxurious environment that’s perfect for commuting in the city or setting off on longer trips. Aluminium elements accentuate its sophisticated interior, creating a welcoming ambience for you and your passenger.

The New Audi TT Coupè Interior | Auto Mart
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Advanced performance

Equipped with a high-powered engine, the Audi TT delivers an exhilarating ride. You’ll have the option of selecting Audi magnetic ride, which drops the vehicle by ten millimetres. This coupé offers you dynamic and accurate handling and tackling corners is effortless with the wheel-selective torque control, which ensures that the driver stays in charge. This model boasts a seven-speed transmission that features a dual-clutch. It offers you fast acceleration in the lower gears while it’s designed to maintain a lower engine speed in the higher gears.

The New Audi TT Coupè | Auto Mart
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Outstanding safety

With a range of advanced safety features, you’ll have peace of mind when you’re travelling on the road. The driver assistance systems offer the driver support so that they can maintain full concentration at all times. You’ll benefit from Audi side assist as well as Audi active lane assist. Navigating into tight parking spaces is easier and safer with help from park assist, which boasts a rearview camera.

The New Audi TT Coupè Features | Auto Mart
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The Audi TT Coupé puts power at your fingertips. Its thrilling performance and luxurious interior make it a sought-after vehicle. Find an Audi for sale on Auto Mart and get all eyes on you wherever you go.

The 2019 Audi TT Coupé is a must see!
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The 2019 Audi TT Coupé is a must see!
Get behind the wheel of the new Audi TT Coupé and experience a ride that’s out of this world. You’ll love the upgraded body and multifunction steering wheel.
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