Have you heard about the Volkswagen T-Cross?

Are you looking for a reliable SUV? Look no further than the Volkswagen T-Cross. This athletic and innovative SUV offers you excellent value for money. You’ll love its advanced technology as well as its safety features. Save today by finding SUVs for sale on Auto Mart.

T-Cross - Volkswagen Full Exterior
Image Source – www.volkswagen.co.za

Volkswagen SUV range overview

You’ll find the Tiguan and Touareg in the local Volkswagen SUV line-up. The T-Cross is an exciting addition to the VW range, which aims to make the most of the expanding SUV segment. While other segments of the automotive industry have experienced a decrease, the SUV segment saw a growth of 68% in 2018. The SUV segment makes up 8.7% of the local market.

South African availability

The Volkswagen T-Cross will be available for pre-orders later this year and you can expect to see these awesome SUVs on the roads towards the end of 2019. Not only will the T-Cross be available locally, but Volkswagen will be releasing another SUV in 2020. The exclusive and athletic T-Roc makes an exciting addition to their line-up on the local market. With a starting price of under R300 000, the T-Cross is an affordable option.

T-Cross - Front View
Image Source – www.volkswagen.co.za

Stylish exterior

The striking design of the T-Cross turns heads. With a range of colours to choose from, you can personalise your SUV to meet your unique style. Its distinctive good looks make it difficult to forget. Optional LED headlights increase visibility while contributing to the distinctive style of this compact SUV. With wheel sizes of up to 18 inches, the T-Cross has a bold stance on the road. This model is 4 237mm long and 1 584mm high. It has a wheelbase of 2 551mm. On the international market, the back of this model features reflective strips. Its attractive appearance is taken up a notch by the LED taillight clusters.

Comfortable interior

The interior design of the Volkswagen T-Cross is comparable to the latest Polo. An advantage of this model is that it comes with the option of an Active Info Display. While the T-Cross is a compact SUV, it offers plenty of room for your luggage. The 377-litre boot can be increased to 455 litres by adjusting the second-row seats. Folding the back seats will give you 1 281 litres of luggage space.

T-Cross - Volkswagen Interior
Image Source – www.volkswagen.co.za

On the international market, the premium interior features a sleek black and grey trim. Whether you’re commuting to work or setting off on a road trip, you can enjoy listening to your favourite playlists on the Beats Sound System. With a range of driver-assistance features, this SUV offers you plenty of support

Superior safety

Advanced safety features mean that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride in the T-Cross. On the international market, it’s equipped with Lane Assist to offer the driver extra support. This feature warns the driver if the vehicle departs from its lane unintentionally and implements a corrective steering intervention.

T-Cross - Volkswagen Speedometer
Image Source – www.volkswagen.co.za

The optional High Beam Assist improves the convenience and safety of driving this SUV. When the system detects oncoming vehicles, the brightness of the headlights is automatically decreased. With help from the Blind Spot Sensor, the risk of a collision is decreased. Reversing in an urban environment is easier with the Rear Traffic Alert feature. You can make the most of tight parking spots with the Parking Distance Control. With the ACC Adaptive Cruise Control, you can sit back and enjoy the ride on longer trips.

Functional accessories

Useful accessories make it possible to customise your ride so that it meets your requirements precisely. A tow bar makes pulling a trailer behind your vehicle easy and its Trailer Stabilisation System offers you additional support. If you’re setting off on an adventure and need extra space for your equipment, the roof bars and roof boxes will come in handy.

T-Cross - Volkswagen Exterior
Image Source – www.volkswagen.co.za

Invest in the Volkswagen T-Cross and get the freedom to explore South Africa’s beautiful landscape in comfort. Whether you’re traversing the city streets or exploring off the beaten track, you’re in for an enjoyable ride. Looking for a reliable vehicle? Find a Volkswagen for sale on Auto Mart today.

Have you heard about the Volkswagen T-Cross? | Auto Mart Blog
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Have you heard about the Volkswagen T-Cross? | Auto Mart Blog
Are you looking for a reliable SUV? Look no further than the Volkswagen T-Cross. This athletic and innovative SUV offers you excellent value for money.
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