Ford adds the 1.5 petrol Ambiente to their EcoSport range

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Are you looking for a spacious and comfortable SUV? Look no further than the Ford EcoSport. Not only is it equipped with a powerful 1.5 petrol engine, it also offers you great value for money. You can rest easy knowing you’re in good hand with this SUV since it’s fitted with a range of safety features. If you’re looking for a capable and dynamic ride, you can find an SUV for sale on Auto Mart.

Ford EcoSport overview

The Ford EcoSport 1.5 Ti-VCT Ambiente boasts a stylish exterior design as well as an interior that is both spacious and comfortable. It’s powered by a cutting-edge i-VCT three-cylinder, 1.5-petrol engine. The six airbags help to reduce the risk of serious injury if a collision takes place. Electronic Stability Control supports the driver while rear parking sensors enhance the convenience and safety of parking in an urban environment. This SUV is the new entry-level model into the EcoSport range. It’s a welcome addition to this popular range as it makes the EcoSport more accessible to motorists who are looking for an affordable SUV. While the EcoSport has always been known to offer motorists great value for money, the latest model is more cost-effective than ever before.

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Spacious interior

With its upmarket features, the interior of the EcoSport is designed to exceed your expectations. Its comfortable interior provides plenty of room for your whole family. Not only does it boast a stylish interior design, but it also provides a versatile space that can be adapted to meet the needs of your loved ones. The benefits of driving this SUV don’t stop there. It also offers you the convenience of electric windows. Air-conditioning maintains a pleasant temperature inside your SUV during the warmer months.

If you love to listen to music, you’ll enjoy the Ford EcoSport’s six-speaker audio system. It’s connected to SYNC with Bluetooth as well as Voice Activation. The controls on the steering wheel mean you can adjust the audio settings while keeping your focus on the road. Another highlight of the Ford EcoSport is the trip computer, which has an EcoMode that helps the driver obtain maximum fuel efficiency.

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Stylish exterior

The stylish exterior is accompanied by practical features, which offer you the versatility that is expected of an SUV. Power-heated side mirrors are a luxurious feature of this model, and the tow bar prep back makes it easy for dealers to fit your vehicle with the available tow bar.

Advanced safety

With the high rate of road accidents, compromising on safety is not an option. Its safety features include Electronic Stability Control and six airbags. The ISOFIX child seat mounting adds to the appeal for young families. Another noteworthy feature of this capable SUV is its Follow-me-home: headlights. Remote control central locking and a perimeter alarm help to safeguard your vehicle against theft.

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Efficient performance

Not only does the Ford EcoSport deliver a powerful performance, it also achieves efficient fuel consumption. The latest model in the range is equipped with a 1.5-petrol Ti-VCT three-cylinder, which delivers a maximum power of 91 kW. The peak torque for this variation is 150 Nm. It has a five-speed manual transmission. The engine features an aluminium engine block as well as an aluminium cylinder head, which decreases its weight. Another contributing aspect of its remarkable performance is its twin independent variable camshaft timing. The 1.5 Ti-VCT Ambiente is priced at R254 950.

Now that you know more about the Ford EcoSport, you can look for an SUV for sale on Auto Mart. The affordability of this model, combined with its awesome features, make it an appealing option for South African motorists.

Ford adds the 1.5 Ambiente to their EcoSport range | Auto Mart Blog
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Ford adds the 1.5 Ambiente to their EcoSport range | Auto Mart Blog
Are you looking for a spacious and comfortable SUV? Look no further than the Ford EcoSport. Equipped with a 1.5 petrol engine, it's great value for money.
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Auto Mart
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