Have you heard about the new advanced range of Isuzu Bakkies?

The Isuzu bakkie range has been refreshed to offer you a performance that is better than ever before. With elevated specification levels as well as improved quality, these robust vehicles are sure to exceed your expectations. While these bakkies have always been popular workhorses, the advanced range is sure to set Isuzu ahead of the competition. If you’re looking for a tough light commercial vehicle, you can find an Isuzu bakkie for sale on Auto Mart.

Isuzu bakkies

With more than 40 years of experience, Isuzu continues to manufacture reliable bakkies for the South African market. Not only are these dynamic bakkies capable workhorses, but they also make excellent lifestyle vehicles. Whether you’re tackling a challenging task or transporting your sports equipment, you’ll enjoy driving an Isuzu bakkie. The company has contributed significantly to the popularity of bakkies on the local market.

Isuzu Bakkie - Performance

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D-MAX range

With 30 models to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice when you’re selecting the Isuzu bakkie that meets your requirements. Leading this advanced range are luxury models that meet the needs of buyers who are looking for elevated levels of sophistication. Referred to as the Isuzu D-MAX, this range has something for everyone.

The name, D-MAX, was first used in Thailand. The D was taken from the distinctive Dragon Eyes headlamp style of the 2000 model. Other associations with the letter D include the company’s outstanding diesel engines as well as their implementation of industry-leading direct injection.
The durability of these bakkies is also acknowledged by the letter D.

The MAX that makes up the rest of the range’s title refers to the company’s commitment to exceeding their customers’ expectations. Isuzu bakkies offer you design, size, and comfort that are larger than life. Their cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance also contribute to their reputation for providing maximum satisfaction.

Isuzu Bakkie - Leather seats

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LX design

The new line-up of Isuzu bakkies includes the addition of the 3.0 litre LX models, which boast six-speed manual and automatic transmissions. These variations offer you an enhanced performance as well as improved efficiency. They’re more refined than the five-speed models, which previously made up the D-MAX range.

The LX models lead the range with their new design, which is sleek and muscular. Highlights of their exterior include the bold chromed radiator grille and the sleek L-shaped headlight clusters. Another welcomed addition to the design of these bakkies is the Bi-LED headlamps. The LX bakkies are available in single and extended cab variations. If you need more space, you can opt for a double cab.

LX interior

While the exterior of these bakkies is remarkable, you won’t be disappointed by their interior design. The instrument cluster binnacle is enhanced with the addition of soft-touch panels. Premium quality trims take the aesthetic appeal of the dashboard to the next level. Quality trims enhance the doors while a piano black finish accentuates the design of the air vent grilles.

Isuzu Bakkie - Interior

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Cutting-edge technology elevates the appeal of the LX vehicles. These bakkies are equipped with an advanced infotainment system that boasts an 8-inch, full-colour touchscreen. This exceptional system has a range of useful features, such as a rear-view camera. You can stay connected wherever you go with its Bluetooth compatibility.

LX safety

Not only is the advanced range better looking, it’s also safer to drive. The LX variations are fitted with a Brake Override System, which decreases the risk of a collision taking place in emergency situations. Electronic Stability Control is another safety feature that helps to support the driver. You’ll also benefit from Trailer Sway Control when you purchase an LX Isuzu bakkie. Hill Start Assist makes dealing with steep inclines easier and safer.

Now that you know more about this advanced range, you can find an Isuzu bakkie that won’t let you down on Auto Mart.

Isuzu Bakkie

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Have you seen the new advanced range of Isuzu Bakkies? | Auto Mart Blog
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Have you seen the new advanced range of Isuzu Bakkies? | Auto Mart Blog
The Isuzu bakkie range has been refreshed to offer you a performance that is better than ever. It now also has elevated specification levels.
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