Cool car games for holiday road trips

Get your holiday off to a good start with our fun road trip games. While you may be dreading driving long distances with bored kids, it’s easy to turn the journey into an adventure. From I spy to world explorer, there are plenty of cool car games your whole family can enjoy.

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Holiday Roadtrip games questions

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20 Questions

Twenty questions is a firm favourite amongst families across South Africa. Not only will your kids love this game, you’ll enjoy it too. Start by thinking of something and everyone else in the car can ask you questions to try and guess what it is. The trick is that they only get to ask twenty questions and if they can’t guess what you’re thinking of, you’re the winner. If someone is able to guess correctly, they get to have a turn next.

The Name Game

When it comes to road trip games, it’s easy to see why the name game is a popular option. It’s so fun that you won’t want to stop playing once you’ve reached your destination. You can start the game by saying a name and then the next person has to use the final letter to continue with the next name. This means that if you say John, the next person has to come up with a name beginning with the letter N. As the game progresses, each person gets a chance to say a name that starts with the final letter of the name that the person said before them.

Holiday Roadtrip games sing

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The Singing Game

Does your family love music? Then this is the game for you! Start by singing a lyric from a song. The next person has to use that lyric and link it with another song. The lyrics from the song that they come up with serve as a prompt for the next player and so the game continues until someone gets stuck coming up with the next song. If you’re enjoying this game enough, it may just turn into a family sing along. Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination with a smile on your face.

Add-on storytelling

You can make boring road trips a thing of the past by playing add-on storytelling. Begin this game by telling the other players two lines of a story that you’ve made up. End mid-sentence so that the next person can use their imagination to add a few lines more. Keep on going till you have a silly tale that is sure to get your whole family giggling.

Holiday Roadtrip games Family

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Road Trip Bingo

While you may be familiar with Bingo, who knew that you could play this fun game in the car? This is one of our top road trip games because it includes aspects of Bingo mixed in with a fun scavenger hunt. The end result is an exciting game that we can’t get enough of during longer journeys. You’ll need to do some preparation for this game by printing a free Bingo card which you can find online. Give each player 16 counters or coins and when they see an item on the card, they get to cover it. The first person to cover a straight line of squares gets first place in this fun game.

I Spy

No holiday road trip is complete without a game of I Spy. It’s likely that you’ve played this game at least once in your childhood. Start the game by choosing an object that you can see but don’t tell anyone what that object is. It’s their jobs to guess! Once you’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to play, you can say “I spy with my little eye something beginning with”. The starting letter of the object is a clue for the rest of your family to try and guess the object by asking you questions. This game is similar to Twenty Questions but it has its own special twist.

Holiday Roadtrip games I Spy

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Now that you know how to play a range of road trip games, you can look forward to a fun journey. These games help to get your family holiday off to a great start. With so much excitement during your trip, cries of “are we nearly there yet” from the backseat of your new family car will be a thing of the past. You can find a variety of family cars on Auto Mart before you leave on your vacation.

Cool car games for holiday road trips | Auto Mart Blog
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Get your holiday off to a good start with our fun road trip games. While you may dread the long drive, it’s easy to turn the journey into an adventure.
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