The limited-edition Mustang Bullitt will be hitting SA soon

Stand out from the crowd in a Mustang Bullitt, a limited-edition model that will reach South African shores in 2019. Its distinctive performance and captivating good looks set the Bullitt apart. This legendary vehicle puts power at your fingertips, delivering a thrilling ride that’s not easy to forget. When you’re cruising the streets in a Bullitt, looking cool is effortless. You can find a Ford for sale on Auto Mart.

Mustang Bullitt - Original Bullitt

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Ford overview

Ford is an international company that is renowned for designing and manufacturing an extensive range of vehicles. From trucks to luxury cars, Ford has a vehicle to suit everyone’s needs. Other highlights of their lineup include their SUVs and electrified vehicles. Over the years, the company has developed a reputation for developing reliable vehicles that combine their experience in the industry with innovative technology.

The iconic Mustang Bullitt

The original Mustang made an appearance in the movie Bullitt where it became an iconic symbol for effortless style. Driven by Steve McQueen in the 1968 movie, the Bullitt is renowned for its appearance in the memorable car chase scene. The latest release honours the 50th anniversary of the original Mustang, which captivated the hearts of motorists across the globe. The latest Mustang Bullitt will be available locally in 2019, so you could just be one of the lucky people who get the opportunity to drive this famous car.

Mustang Bullitt - Front view

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Effortless style

For Mustang fans, it’s sure to be love at first sight when they see the latest Bullitt. The unassuming style of the Mustang Bullitt attracts attention without having to make an effort. The classic Dark Highland Green exterior is enhanced with subtle chrome accents and you’ll also have the option to go for a Shadow Black variation. The black honeycomb grill, as well as the side windows, pay tribute to the original Mustang. The authenticity of the latest Bullitt is also maintained by the five spoke 19-inch aluminium wheels. Another standout feature of this model is its red-painted Brembo brake callipers, which boast bigger rotors. This model is available as a fastback coupe.


While the exterior of the Mustang Bullitt will get your heartbeat racing, the interior of this famous car does not disappoint. The Recaro Ebony leather-trimmed seats are enhanced with distinctive green accent stitching, which creates a stylish environment for any trip. The green stitching extends across the dashboard and door panels. You’ll enjoy the 12-inch, all-digital LCD instrument cluster, which is practical and aesthetically appealing, and the heated leather steering wheel will keep your hands warm during cold days. An element from the original Mustang that’s been brought across to the latest model is its white cue ball shift knob. Aspects of the Mustang GT Premium have been integrated with the Performance Package to create a distinctive athletic vehicle that maintains the authenticity of the Bullitt’s original character.

Mustang Bullitt - Interior

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Equipped with an impressive 5.0-litre V8 engine, the Mustang Bullitt offers you an unforgettable performance. This unique engine delivers 480 horsepower with a peak torque of 420 lb.-ft. The top speed for this model is 163 mph and it has a six-speed manual transmission. The iconic burble of the re-tuned exhaust will get you revved up if you’re a true Mustang enthusiast. The active valve performance exhaust system boasts advanced NitroPlate tips. The specifications and price tag of the latest Mustang Bullitt will be released closer to its arrival in South Africa.

With its laid-back attitude and unique style, it’s easy to see why the Mustang Bullitt is a dream come true for many motorists. If the limited edition Bullitt is out of your reach, you can enjoy a reliable ride by finding a Ford for sale on Auto Mart.

The limited-edition Mustang Bullitt will be hitting SA soon | Auto Mart Blog
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The limited-edition Mustang Bullitt will be hitting SA soon | Auto Mart Blog
Stand out from the crowd in a Mustang Bullitt, a limited-edition model that will reach South African shores in 2019. Find out more on our blog.
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