The Nissan NV350, perfect for your transport business

Spacious and comfortable, the Nissan NV350 is an excellent transportation solution. Its sleek design and functional features set it apart from the crowd. Not only does it deliver a reliable performance, but it’s also equipped with safety features. If you’re looking for a trustworthy ride with an affordable price tag, you can find a Nissan panel van for sale on Auto Mart.

Nissan NV350 Impendulo For Sale On Auto Mart

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Functional exterior

The Nissan NV350 was designed with a focus on functionality. Its sleek exterior gives it a bold stance on the road, which inspires confidence. The large windshields are built from green tinted glass and the practical front design is enhanced by a chrome grille that features a honeycomb design. This van has halogen headlamps that improve visibility in low lighting conditions. The functional style of this van is completed with 15-inch tyres. This model features aesthetically appealing and practical side windows.

Nissan NV350 Impendulo For Sale In SA | Auto Mart

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Comfortable interior

With its spacious interior, the Nissan NV350 offers transport for 15 people. The seats are made from smooth fabric and their layout is designed to maximise legroom. Convenient storage options enhance the appeal of this van. Cup holders, as well as pockets, help to create a work environment for the driver that is conducive to efficiency. The 14 A/C vents help to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the van during those warmer days.

The manual shifter is placed beneath the radio and the simple design of the cockpit makes the NV350 easy to operate. You can keep your passengers entertained with music from the radio or CD player. The NV350 Impendulo is fitted with an easy-fold aisle seat, which makes it more convenient for passengers to disembark. The big sliding door is designed to open wide and high to make entering the van easy. Backrests and comfortable seats contribute to the enjoyable journey your passengers can experience in the NV350 Impendulo van.

Nissan NV350 Impendulo Interior | Auto Mart

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Reliable performance

The Nissan NV350 has a starting price of R436 500 and the cost for the premium model is R1 650 000. It’s equipped with an inline 4 turbo diesel engine that delivers a maximum power of 127hp at 3 200rpm with a peak torque of 356Nm at 1 400 to 2 000rpm. This model has a manual transmission and a 2 190kg curb weight. Its accurate and responsive steering make this van a pleasure to drive.

Another noteworthy feature this van offers is its Door Closure Assist, which reduces slamming. The Impendulo variation is equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System to increase the safety of travelling in the NV350. Another feature that offers the driver additional support is Brake Assist. The backing-up camera makes manoeuvering this van in an urban environment easier and safer.

Nissan NV350 Impendulo Engine | Auto Mart

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Now that you know more about the Nissan NV350, you can find vans for sale on Auto Mart. With affordable second-hand models available, you can find the van that you’re looking for without spending a fortune. The NV350 is the perfect van to transport passengers for both shorter and longer trips.

The Nissan NV350, perfect for your transport business
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The Nissan NV350, perfect for your transport business
The Nissan NV350 Impendulo is an excellent transportation solution that offers a spacious & comfortable interior, great features, and reliable performance.
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