The Pajero Sport is now safer than ever

Are you looking for a safe ride? Then the Pajero Sport is the right vehicle for you. With its upgraded safety features, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are offered maximum protection on the roads. From extra airbags to ISOFIX child seat anchors, the Pajero Sport is equipped with outstanding features to maximise safety. You can find a Pajero and more on Auto Mart.

Pajero Sport overview

With its upgraded safety features, the Pajero Sport offers you increased protection. These vehicles are equipped with seven airbags, and these extra airbags help to further reduce the risk of injury if a collision takes place. ISOFIX child seat anchors help to ensure that babies and toddlers are kept secure. While the Pajero Sport is safer than ever before, its price remains the same. Another noteworthy addition to this model is the 120 Watt Power Plug, which was included so that you can charge your electronic devices on the go.

pajero sport front view

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Successful history

The latest Pajero Sport first reached South African shores a year ago. This capable SUV received a warm welcome from local motorists who enjoy having the freedom to explore our local landscape. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoyed the flexibility and advanced technology that the Pajero Sport had to offer. The latest model upheld Mitsubishi Motor’s reputation for excellence. The upgraded variation was designed to offer motorists an innovative vehicle that meets all their requirements.

Innovative upgrades

You can expect improved driver support from the latest Pajero Sport. Upgraded passive safety features offer you maximum protection on the road. These features continue Mitsubishi’s reputation for offering motorists durable and reliable safety innovations. Another benefit of the latest Pajero Sport is its increased Towing Mass, which is 2 700kg for the 4 x 2 variation and 2 790kg for the 4 x 4 variation.

The all-new model is equipped with the latest Super Select II 4WD system to enhance its capabilities even further. This system offers the driver a selection of four drive models. The Hill-Descent Control system supports the diver when they’re faced with steep slopes. Another advantage of this model is its Electronic Off-Road Assistance, which enables the driver to adjust the settings according to the road conditions ahead. Whether you’re faced with gravel or mud, this feature will enhance your vehicle’s performance. The power output and transmission settings are adjusted accordingly to offer you maximum traction and, therefore, optimal safety.

pajero sport interior

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Challenging off-road terrain is easier to tackle when the Rock setting is engaged. While the latest Pajero Sport offers you so much more, it’s pricing remains the same. The starting price for this model is R569 995.

Exceptional power

The Pajero Sport is equipped with a 2.4L MIVEC Turbo Diesel engine, which has a maximum power output of 133kW at 3 500rpm. This model has a peak torque of 430 Nm at 2 500rpm. Its innovative 8-speed Automatic Transmission enhances its performance even further. Another noteworthy feature of the Pajero Sport is its Intelligent Shift Control. This model delivers an agile performance that is well-suited to exploring the city streets or tackling more challenging terrain off-road. Its class-leading turning circle makes it easy to take advantage of tight parking spots in an urban environment.

Spacious interior

While the Pajero Sport is a practical SUV, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. The spacious interior of this model offers you plenty of head and legroom. The convenient storage space makes it easy to keep the interior of your SUV organised. The reclining second-row seats are another comfort feature of this model. Fold down the back seats to create additional storage space for your luggage.

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Stylish exterior

The Pajero Sport is a stylish and luxurious SUV that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Its authentic four-wheel drive performance is combined with a sophisticated design that sets you apart. Its modern design boasts sleek lines and functional features. The roof rails offer additional storage space for larger items and sporting equipment. Not only does the Pajero Sport look good, its aerodynamic design also enhances its performance while optimising its fuel consumption.

Now that you know more about the high levels of safety that the Pajero Sport offers you, you can look for a Mitsubishi for sale on Auto Mart. With a wide selection of SUVs to choose from, you can find the right model for your family.

The Pajero Sport is now safer than ever | Auto Mart Blog
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The Pajero Sport is now safer than ever | Auto Mart Blog
With the Pajero's upgraded safety features, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are offered maximum protection on the roads.
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