The Honda CRF450L might be exactly what you need

Durable, lightweight, and agile, the Honda CRF450L is an impressive ride. The latest model offers you all the benefits that have come to be associated with a dual purpose bike. Premium quality parts, as well as extended service intervals, add to their appeal. With a wide selection of models to choose from, it’s easy to find bikes for sale on Auto Mart.

Honda CRF450L performance

Whether you’re an experienced professional or beginner rider, you’ll enjoy the thrilling performance these bikes have to offer. The Honda CRF450L is equipped with a 4-stroke, single cylinder uni-cam engine that has a displacement of 449cc. This liquid-cooled engine has a bore and stroke of 96.0mm x 62.1mm with a compression ratio of 12:0:1. It delivers a maximum power of 18.4 kW with a torque of 32 Nm.

Honda CRF450L Exterior

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The durability of the engine sets these bikes apart from their competition. The CRF450L is equipped with a digital CDI ignition with an electric starter. It has a wet multi-plate clutch with a chain transmission and a train final drive. The CRF450L is fitted with single-disc brakes on both the front and the rear. Adaptations to the Honda CRF450L 18YM ensure that this variation meets the Euro4 emission standards as well as the relevant noise regulations. The trustworthy performance these bikes deliver makes it easy to see why they are so popular.

Robust exterior

The design of this model is based on the Honda CRF450L 18YM bike with changes made to ensure its dual-purpose capabilities. A highlight of this model is its LED lighting, which enhances the aesthetics of the bike while improving visibility. The fuel-tank volume has been increased and the bike features a side stand for added convenience. Other adaptations to the 18YM include an increased radiator volume as well as the addition of an electric fan. The 18-inch rear wheel is compatible with enduro-spec tyres.


Honda CRF450L Performance

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The front of the bike boasts a 21-inch wheel. The mudguard and side panels help to protect the bike when you’re tackling more challenging terrain. The bash plate is another protective feature of these bikes. The changes that were made to the 18YM variation ensure that these bikes can legally travel on the road. Additions include a speedometer and horn. These bikes are also fitted with a brake-light switch and mirrors. The Honda CRF450L boasts an aluminium twin-tube frame. Its 2 280mm long, 825mm wide, and 1 260mm high with a wheelbase of 1 500mm. The wider wheelbase offers improved stability. The ground clearance for this model is 315mm and it has a seat height of 940mm. The kerb weight of the CRF450L is 130.8kg.

Additional features

The Honda CRF450L boasts additional features that enhance the quality of your ride. These bikes are equipped with an engine stop button as well as an EFI warning. They’re also equipped with an EMSB model button. Another noteworthy feature of these bikes is the LED indicator. These features are positioned on the left handlebar for added convenience. The Launch Control system offers the rider the choice of three modes that can be adjusted according to the road conditions and the rider’s experience level. Level three delivers 8 250rpm, which is suitable for muddy conditions and novice riders. Level two delivers 8 500rpm for dry conditions and level 1 offers 9 500rpm, which is suitable for more experienced riders in dry conditions.

Honda CRF450L stand

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If you’re searching for the ultimate bike, look no further, you can find a bike on Auto Mart. The Honda CRF450L bikes give you the freedom to explore city streets as well as to tackle more challenging terrain. From start to finish, every aspect of these bikes is designed to exceed your expectations.

The Honda CRF450L might be exactly what you need | Auto Mart Blog
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The Honda CRF450L might be exactly what you need | Auto Mart Blog
Durable, lightweight, and agile, the Honda CRF450L is an impressive ride. The latest model offers you premium-quality parts and extended service intervals.
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