Honda reached new heights with their Self-Balancing Bike

Be prepared to be amazed by the Honda self-balancing bike. This innovative bike can stand up on its own without help from a rider. Honda is renowned for manufacturing bikes that combine reliability with innovative technology and this latest development showcases their capabilities. Read our blog post to discover more about the exciting Ride Assist technology. You can visit Auto Mart today for a wide variety of bikes.

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Advanced technology

The Honda self-balancing bike takes safety up a notch by stopping riders from tipping over. Honda fans had the opportunity to view this innovative bike at the Tokyo Motor Show. The self-balancing device is compact enough to be positioned above the top wheel. It’s designed to be compatible with both large and small variations. The self-balancing bike uses advanced technology to monitor the position of the bike so that the steering bar can be adjusted accordingly. The end result is an all-electric concept model that remains upright with or without a rider.

Honda’s Ride Assist technology was also displayed in Las Vegas when the NC750 was exhibited on stage standing without help from a rider. With Rider Assist, this bike can remain upright without assistance for up to 5kph. This is made possible by computer-controlled steering guidance that mimics a rider.

Cutting-edge innovation

The impressive aspect of the Honda self-balancing bike is that it stays upright without any assistance from the rider. Interestingly, the technology behind this cutting-edge bike was discovered while Honda was creating a walking humanoid. The ASIMO robot can walk and dance on its two legs and it can even have a conversation with people. Thirty-four motors, as well as a wrist sensor, enable this robot to mimic humans. It can even stay upright if it’s pushed softly. ASIMO can also recognise the faces and voices of people. Cameras enable this robot to monitor the movement of numerous objects, including their distance and direction. ASIMO is the outcome of almost 20 years of investment in the development of new technology. Another noteworthy achievement is Honda’s Uni-Club, which is a one-wheeled mobility scooter. Technology that was developed during the creation of the Uni-Club also played a role in the development of Honda’s self-balancing bike.

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Rider support

In the past, gyroscopes have been fitted to bikes in the hope of stopping them from falling over. However, the downside of these efforts is that the heavy weight of a motorbike requires a big gyroscope to keep it upright. This is true of the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100, which can stand unassisted by using heavy gyroscopes. The difference with Honda’s innovative bike is that it uses a compact device to keep it standing. When the device is deactivated, the bike falls over if it’s not supported by the rider. With the device switched on, you can’t help but be impressed to see the bike remain standing unaided by the rider.

Enhanced safety

The advantage of this new technology is that it enhances the safety of riding a motorbike. Honda Riding Assist uses the auto manufacturer’s robot technology to break new ground in the world of motorbikes. This technology is likely to be promoted for beginner and novice riders. Honda said that it foresees no problems with kicking off the production of Rider Assist technology. However, the automotive manufacturer has not yet revealed when their self-balancing bike will be produced for the public.

Now that you know more about the Honda self-balancing bike, you can find your new ride on Auto Mart. With their reputation for excellence, Honda bikes are an excellent investment.

Honda reached new heights with their Self-Balancing Bike | Auto Mart Blog
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Honda reached new heights with their Self-Balancing Bike | Auto Mart Blog
Be prepared to be amazed by the Honda self-balancing bike. This innovative bike can stand up on its own without help from a rider.
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