Meet the new Renault Megane R.S.

Get excited! The latest Megane R.S. will soon be available in South Africa. This captivating ride combines style with functionality to deliver an unforgettable performance, and its innovative features set it apart from the crowd. You can find a Renault for sale on Auto Mart.

Cars, Megane R.S.

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The striking exterior of the Lux model is completed with 18-inch alloys while the Cup variation is fitted with 19-inch rims. Other standout features of its exterior are the redesigned bumpers as well as the honeycomb mesh. At the rear of the R.S., the big diffuser enhances its bold good looks. The RS vision lighting system enhances the aesthetic appeal of the exterior while improving its functionality. R.S. Vision is a distinctive lighting system that includes four advanced lighting functions. Sidelights, as well as cornering lights, are part of this feature. Fog lamps help to increase visibility during adverse weather conditions and the long-range high beam lights add safety and convenience to your ride.

Cars, Megane R.S.

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The Megane R.S. boasts a stylish interior that doesn’t compromise on functionality. The athletic front seats are complemented by race-style headrests and the Alcantara upholstery and chrome plated front door sills enhance the aesthetic appeal of this model. A highlight of the R.S. is its customised steering wheel. The aluminium pedals complete the athletic good looks of the Megane’s interior. Not only do these vehicles offer you a stylish ride, they’re also packed with technology. The R.S. features a 22cm touchscreen infotainment system while Satnav adds convenience to finding your destination when you’re exploring new terrain. The reverse camera enhances the safety of manoeuvring into difficult parking spaces in an urban environment.

Drivers can access important information via the digital instrument cluster, and keyless start makes taking off in your R.S. effortless. A pleasant interior temperature is maintained by the dual zone climate control. With cruise control, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. The Lux model offers you the advantage of an electronic parking brake. Parking distance control is another safety feature of this model and hill start assist helps to support the driver during take-offs on slopes.

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Advanced performance

The Megane R.S. is equipped with an advanced 1.8-litre turbo petrol engine, which delivers 205 kW of power at 6 000 rpm. This direct injection engine has a peak torque of 390 Nm at 2 400 to 4 800 rpm. The Cup variation has a six-speed manual gearbox while the Lux model boasts a six-speed EDC dual clutch transmission. The Lux variation is fitted with an athletic chassis that positions it 5mm closer to the ground when compared to the regular Megane models.

While the Lux model has a more athletic tuning, it aims to blend comfort with excellent handling. The Cup model is equipped with a chassis that prioritise its handling capabilities. The innovative Torsen mechanical-limited slip differentials enhance the handling of this model. It also has 10 percent stiffer shocks. The Megane R.S. features a cutting-edge 4Control, four-wheel steering system, which offers improved agility at lower speeds and increased stability at higher speeds. The R.S. offers an economical performance with lowered CO2 emissions as well as a reduced fuel consumption. South African motorists will be able to buy the latest Megane R.S. from the middle of September. The R.S. comes with a price tag of R549 900.

Megane R.S. Cars

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Cutting-edge features

An innovative feature of this model is Multi-Sense, which makes it possible for the driver to adjust the settings of the engine and gearbox. It also adapts the steering wheel to match your requirements. With five settings, it’s easy to select the right mode for you. R-Link 2 is another highlight of this model. This advanced control centre regulates the R.S.’s connectivity features. With R-Link 2, it’s convenient to adjust the vehicle’s Multimedia and integrated navigation. The telephone and radio can also be controlled using this feature. Another noteworthy feature of these vehicles is the R.S. Monitor, which collects information from the sensors that are located across the vehicle.

Now that you know about the Megane R.S., you can find a Renault for sale on Auto Mart. With a broad selection of second-hand models to choose from, it’s easy to find your dream car without spending a fortune.

Meet the new Renault Megane R.S. | Auto Mart Blog
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Meet the new Renault Megane R.S. | Auto Mart Blog
Get excited! The latest Megane R.S. will soon be available in South Africa. This captivating ride combines style with functionality.
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