The Shelby F-150 is finally here!

The Shelby F-150 is finally here! With their robust design and impressive capabilities, these bakkies are sure to exceed your expectations. These exclusive vehicles are pricey but their awesome features make them worth the investment. If you’re looking for capable workhorses that won’t let you down when the going gets tough, you can find bakkies for sale on Auto Mart.

Bakkies, Shelby F-150

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Capable performance

Inspired by the Ford 150, the Shelby F-150 is designed to offer you more than you expect. This international bestseller sets the standard high and the Shelby F-150 does not disappoint. Leading the latest range is the Shelby F-150 Lariat Luxury, which delivers a premium ride. This model is equipped with a supercharged five-litre V8 engine, which has a maximum power output of 565 kW. The high-capacity aluminium heat exchanger contributes to its impressive performance while the upgraded fuel-injectors take its capabilities up a notch. This model is equipped with a large carbon-fibre air intake tube as well as a high-flow filter. The F-150’s exhaust system is another noteworthy element of this its design. The entry-level Shelby F-150 is fitted with BDS suspension and the Baja variation boasts Fox suspension. These awesome bakkies have 20-inch alloy rims with Goodrich tyres.

Distinctive exterior

The honeycomb racing grille makes the exterior of the Shelby F-150 stand out. Its body-colour front and rear bumpers contribute to its bold good looks. Other distinctive aspects of these bakkies include their Snake insert and wheel-arch flares. With rally stripes that extend across the entire vehicle, the F-150 is impossible to miss. The rocker panels and bonnet features unique graphics, while the appearance of the tailgate and load bed is also enhanced with distinctive graphics.

Shelby F-150, Bakkies

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Luxurious cab

The Shelby F-150 features a premium cab that is equipped with a range of innovative features. The stylish interior design is complemented by two-tone leather and Shelby snake embroidery makes the design of the interior stand out. The F-150 features deep tinted windows as well as unique floor mats. Their rugged capabilities give you the freedom to explore new terrain while their luxurious style makes them perfect for cruising in an urban environment.


You can customise your Shelby F-150 to match your requirements by choosing from a diverse range of accessories. Iconic badging accentuates the distinctive style of your bakkie. You can add an athletic element to your ride with racing stripes that extend across the full length of your vehicle. Take the capabilities of the F-150 to the next level with Goodrich all-terrain tyres. The carbon fibre interior package is available for this model. Another accessory that elevates the appeal of the F-150’s interior is the serial number dash plaque.

Bakkies, Shelby F-150

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Shelby South Africa

With three models to choose from, you can drive a Shelby that matches your requirements and budget. Your options include the F-150 as well as the F-150 Super Snake. At the top of the range is the Raptor variation. Shelby South Africa is making these bakkies accessible to local motorists, so if you want to buy an F-150, you’ll need to place an order and make a substantial deposit. The vehicle will be sent to South Africa where it will be converted to right-hand drive in Port Elisabeth. You can expect to wait 6 months to receive your F-150 after you place your order. The price tag for these exclusive bakkies is expected to start at R2.5 million and extend to R3 million. With only 500 Shelby F-150 bakkies built for the international market, there is no doubt about the exclusivity of these vehicles. Only a very limited number of F-150s will be available in South Africa.

With its exceptional performance and premium interior, it’s easy to see why the Shelby F-150 is considered the king of the road. From the moment that you lay eyes on these bakkies, there’ll be no doubt that they’re the ultimate ride, find the right bakkie for you on Auto Mart.

The Shelby F-150 is finally in South Africa! | Auto Mart Blog
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The Shelby F-150 is finally in South Africa! | Auto Mart Blog
The Shelby F-150 is finally here! With their robust design and impressive capabilities, these bakkies are sure to exceed your expectations.
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