The elegant Mercedes-Benz B-Class Sports Tourer

Athletic, sophisticated, and compact, the B-Class Sports Tourer is a dynamic ride. As has come to be expected of Mercedes-Benz, the Tourer offers you luxury and reliability. A range of design and equipment options allow you to customise your vehicle so that it matches your requirements precisely. If you’re looking for the ultimate ride, you can find a Mercedes-Benz for sale on Auto Mart.

Confident exterior

The distinctive design of the B-Class Sports Tourer inspires confidence in drivers. Its bold good looks combine functionality with athletic style effortlessly, and its athletic lines extend from the bonnet to the roof pillars and continue to its distinctive backend. Its wide stance adds to its aggressive attitude on the road. The confident exterior of the Tourer is enhanced by its chiselled wings. The Tourer’s impressive character is evident from the moment that you set eyes on it.

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Sophisticated interior

While the interior of B-Class Sports Tourer exudes sophistication, it doesn’t compromise on functionality. High levels of comfort ensure that you reach your destination relaxed and energised. Whether you’re commuting at peak traffic times or at night, the Tourer has got you covered. Innovative safety features give you peace of mind wherever you are headed. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive sets these vehicles apart from their competition.

Outstanding performance

The B-Class Sports Tourer offers you exceptional driving dynamics. The driver can switch between exceptionally comfortable, athletic, and optimised efficiency as the requirements of the road ahead change. Dynamic Select puts the driver in control, enabling them to adjust the engine transmission and steering. With four drive programs to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy an optimised driving experience in the Tourer.

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Superior safety

Cutting-edge safety features help to keep you and your loved ones safe when you invest in a Tourer. Active Brake Assist alerts the driver if a collision is imminent and the system activates autonomous braking manoeuvres in emergency situations. LED High-Performance headlamps increase visibility, which is particularly useful in adverse weather conditions and at night. The efficiency and durability of these lights set them apart from the crowd. Active Parking Assist adds convenience and safety to manoeuvring into parking spaces. This system makes getting into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces easy.

With Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, your vehicle automatically maintains a safe distance from the car in front of you. This feature helps to reduce driver fatigue during longer trips and it also adds convenience and safety to operating your Tourer in heavy traffic. The radar-based system brings your vehicle to a halt when it’s required and accelerates again to the specified speed. Another highlight of the B-Class Sports Tourer is its Lane Keeping Assist system. This system alerts the driver if it detects that the vehicle is departing from its lane unintentionally. The sensitivity of the system can be customised to match the requirements of the driver.

The pre-safe system helps the driver to handle challenging driving situations by detecting potential hazard in advance and activating protective measures. If a potential emergency situation is detected, the seat belts are tensioned and any open windows are shut. Blind Spot Assist warns the driver of any hazards in the vehicle’s blind spot by illuminating a red triangle on the exterior mirror. An audible warning cautions the driver against a potential collision if the initial visual warning is disregarded.

B-Class Sports Tourer, Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes-Benz Connect links your vehicle to your smartphone. This innovative technology enables you to stay connected wherever you go. You can discover vital vehicle data using the Mercedes Me portal or the app. With this feature, it’s easy to check your Tourer’s mileage and tyre pressure. The emergency call system helps to take safety up a notch when you travel in a Tourer. Other features include Telediagnosis and breakdown management.

Now that you know more about the B-Class Sports Tourer, you can find a Mercedes-Benz for sale on Auto Mart. If you’re looking for a luxurious ride that offers high levels of safety, the Tourer is an excellent investment.

The elegant Mercedes-Benz B-Class Sports Tourer | Auto Mart Blog
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The elegant Mercedes-Benz B-Class Sports Tourer | Auto Mart Blog
Sophisticated and compact, the B-Class Sports Tourer is a dynamic ride. A range of design and equipment options allow you to customise your vehicle..
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