Mercedes-Benz presents the new A-Class

Striking, luxurious, and sophisticated, the new A-Class is a captivating ride. As has come to be expected of Mercedes-Benz, these vehicles deliver an impressive performance. You’ll love their innovative safety features as well as their customisable interior. If you’re looking for an exclusive ride, you can find a range of vehicles for sale on Auto Mart.

Elegant exterior

With its pure lines and striking design elements, the new A-Class creates a captivating silhouette. The narrow headlamps enhance its aesthetic appeal while offering high rates of visibility at night. The attractive radiator grille complements its streamlined bonnet and chrome diamond pins are available for the radiator grill to add exclusivity on the AMG line. Distinctive air inlets complement the A-Class’s striking outline.

New A-Class, Mercedes-Benz

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The new A-Class is bigger to ensure that it provides you with plenty of space. The latest model is 110mm longer and 225mm wider. This means that it offers you an increased volume of 29 litres when compared to the previous generation. If you need room for even bulkier items, you can opt for the Load Compartment Package. The updated rear appears wider and it boasts athletic elements that contribute to the vehicles sporty appearance. The two-part lamps add subtle sophistication to its rear design. The wider rear is designed to make loading easier, which adds extra convenience to driving the A-Class.

Luxurious interior

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class boasts a premium interior that offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Not only does riding in an A-Class look good, it feels great too. From start to finish, every aspect of the interior exudes sophistication. The premium trim elements complete its good looks while the air vents and seats are other highlights of this model. Comfort and sports seats are available for this model, and for additional customisation, you can opt for the Multi-contour Seat package.

New A-Class, Mercedes-Benz

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Innovative technology sets the interior of these models apart from the crowd. The touchpad makes it easy to adjust the settings of the multimedia display and the advanced MBUX multimedia system can be customised so that it meets your requirements precisely. Change the ambient lighting to match your mood or adjust the display style according to your personal preferences. With touch-control buttons, you can keep your focus on the road while adjusting the settings of the multimedia system. The heads-up display makes it easy to review speed and navigation information. The intuitive MBUX system gets to know you and your preferences over time, which adds to personalisation and convenience to your ride. The system can play your favourite songs on your way to work or suggest a better route if your usual one is blocked by traffic. With the LINGUATRONIC language control system, you can listen to text messages and control the system settings with voice commands.

New A-Class, Mercedes-Benz

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Superior safety

The new A-Class is equipped with cutting-edge safety features to offer you superior protection on the road. From alerting you to potential hazards to supporting the driver when braking, these vehicles boast the latest innovations in safety. The Driving Assistance Package includes radar sensors as well as a 3D stereo camera. This technology makes it possible to monitor the area around the vehicle. The PRE-SAFE® Sound helps to safeguard the hearing of the vehicle’s occupants if a collision takes place. Another advanced feature that the A-Class offers is its Multibeam LED headlamps, which change according to visibility conditions and the presence of other motorists. These headlamps are designed to offer maxim visibility for increased safety without negatively affecting the visibility of other road users. Another advantage of this model is the Car-to-X communication, which provides the driver with useful information such as alerting them to upcoming traffic jams.

Now that you know more about the new A-Class, you can find a Mercedes-Benz for sale on Auto Mart. With a diverse range of variations to choose from, you are sure to find something that matches your requirements and budget.

Mercedes-Benz presents the new A-Class | Auto Mart Blog
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