Explore like never before in the Opel Crossland X

Stunning, styling, innovative technology, and superior comfort make the Opel Crossland X the perfect SUV. The flexibility and performance of these vehicles set them apart from the crowd. With increased visibility and advanced safety features, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are in good hands when you’re travelling on the road. You can find a wide range of awesome SUVs for sale on Auto Mart.

Opel Crossland X | SUVs For Sale On Auto Mart

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Stylish exterior

The compact design and refined dynamics make the Opel Crossland X well-suited to traversing the city streets. While its exterior is athletic and functional, it doesn’t compromise on style. Its sleek design and elegant features create a bold impression on the road. A highlight of this model is its two-tone panorama roof, which is aesthetically appealing and creates a sense of spaciousness. Another reason why finding these SUVs for sale is an excellent option, is that they’re equipped with full LED headlights. These lights provide a beam that is 30% brighter. The cornering lights offer directional visibility, which illuminates areas that are generally difficult to see. High-beam assistance and auto levelling lights are available on selected models.

The Crossland X provides you and your family with versatile storage space, which is well-suited to transporting luggage on longer trips. The sliding feature of the back seats makes it possible to increase the storage area form 410 litres to 520 litres. If you need more room, the luggage space can be increased from 410 litres to 1 255 litres by folding the rears seats. Foldable armrests also make it possible to accommodate longer objects.

Opel Crossland X SUV For Sale | Auto Mart

Photo Source – www.opel.co.za

Comfortable interior

As has come to be expected of Opel, the interior of the Opel Crossland X is designed to exceed your expectations. Inside the cabin is a wide range of innovative technology at the driver’s fingertips. Outstanding visibility and safety add convenience to any trip. The controls and dials are positioned in the ideal location to optimise the ergonomics of the cabin. High-quality materials complete the luxurious design of the Crossland X’s interior.

Its harmonious design creates a welcoming ambiance inside the vehicle, which contributes to the relaxing ride quality this model offers. The optional head-up display provides the driver easy access to a range of information and features. This display enables you to remain focused on the road while accessing information on the speed of the vehicle as well as navigation. You can also review information on the speed limits. Forward collision alert increases safety. The cruise control and limiter feature make it possible to sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride.

Opel Crossland X Interior | SUVs For Sale On Auto Mart

Photo Source – www.opel.co.za

Superior safety

The 180° panoramic rear-view camera enhances the convenience and safety of parking. Another feature that supports the driver is the Advanced Park Assist. The camera makes it easy to detect obstacles in the area behind your vehicle. It also plays a role in increasing visibility in your blind spots. The zoom feature is a useful attribute of this camera. Another safety highlight of the Opel Crossland X is its cutting-edge emergency braking. The front camera detects pedestrians or objects that are in the path of the vehicle, and the Crossland X automatically brakes in emergency situations. This feature helps to protect your vehicle’s passengers as well as other road users.

Opel Crossland X For Sale In SA | Auto Mart

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Outstanding performance

The Opel Crossland X delivers an exceptional performance without compromising on efficiency. It delivers an exciting ride while maintaining affordable running costs. The Crossland X is available with a 1.2 or 1.2 turbo engine. A Start/Stop system is available for this model, which reduces fuel consumption even further. A manual five-gear transmission or an automatic six-gear transmission is available for this model. ECOTEC® engines deliver a dynamic ride and reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Opel Crossland X | SUVs For Sale In SA | Auto Mart

Photo Source – www.opel.co.za

Now that you know more about the Opel Crossland X, you can find SUVs for sale on Auto Mart. With a range of used models to choose from, it’s easy to find a model that’s within your budget.

Explore like never before in the Opel Crossland X
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Explore like never before in the Opel Crossland X
Stunning styling, innovative technology & superior comfort make the Opel Crossland X the perfect SUV. Read our blog to find out more about the Crossland X.
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