Discover new roads with the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Maxx

Comfortable, stylish, and convenient to drive, the Polo Vivo Maxx gives you the freedom to discover new roads. As has come to be expected of Volkswagen, the Maxx is manufactured with the needs of motorists at the forefront of its design. If you’re looking for a new ride, you can find cars for sale on AutoMart.

Polo Vivo Maxx Overview

The Polo Vivo Maxx is a new variation that is joining the popular Vivo range. As the best-selling vehicle on the local market, the Vivo delivers an exceptional performance with a reputation for excellence. The Maxx is no exception. It’s a sized-up variation that is designed to exceed the expectations of local motorists. Last year, more than 22 000 units of the Polo Vivo were sold and this year there have been over 11 000 units sold since February. The launch of the second generation model was well received by the local market. Manufactured by Volkswagen, these vehicles offer South Africans a reliable transportation solution.

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Maxx | Cars For Sale On Auto Mart

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Polo Vivo Maxx Exterior

The Polo Vivo Maxx is available with a hatch body and it’s equipped with numerous exciting features. The exterior of the Maxx has a 15mm elevated suspension as well as 17-inch alloy wheels. Its attractive exterior design is enhanced by silver coloured exterior mirrors. Another reason to find these cars for sale is their athletic single-pipe exhaust system that boasts a stylish chrome trim. Maxx lettering is positioned on the tailgate as well as the sides of the vehicle. The functionality of the Maxx is increased with the aluminium roof rails, which look great while offering additional storage space for sports equipment or for luggage on longer trips.

Comfortable Interior

The interior of the Polo Vivo Maxx features athletic pedal clusters. The aesthetic appeal of the interior is enhanced with a coloured trim. The front electric windows add convenience to driving a Maxx while the manual air conditioner helps to maintain a pleasant interior temperature wherever you go. The 3-spoke, multi-function steering wheel is functional as well as aesthetically appealing, and the aluminium insert complements its sleek design. The colour touch radio offers both USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Other highlights of this system include SD and App connectivity as well as its six speakers.

Polo Vivo Maxx Interior | Cars For Sale On Auto Mart

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Safety Features

The Maxx is equipped with safety features, including EBS, EBD, and Electronic Stability Control. Airbags protect the driver if an accident takes place while front fog lights increase visibility during adverse weather conditions. Your vehicle is protected from crime with an ultrasonic alarm that boasts a motion sensor. The central locking is another convenience and safety feature of this model. The Maxx is equipped with ISOFIX child seat mounting points.

Advanced Engine

The Maxx is equipped with a 1.6 engine, which delivers a maximum power output of 77kW. It has a 5-speed manual transmission. The cost of this model is R225 000. The new Maxx has a 3-year or 120 000km warranty. Another benefit of finding these cars for sale is that they have an anti-corrosion warranty that lasts for 6 years. The Maxx has a 15 000km service interval.

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The Polo Vivo Maxx delivers a trustworthy performance. Manufactured by Volkswagen, the Maxx is an exciting addition to the Vivo range. You can find great deals on a selection of cars for sale when you browse AutoMart.

Discover new roads with the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Maxx
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Discover new roads with the Volkswagen Polo Vivo Maxx
Comfortable, stylish, and convenient to drive, the Polo Vivo Maxx gives you the freedom to discover new roads. Visit Auto Mart today for more information.
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