Volkswagen: Passenger Car Market Leader for the 7th year in a row!

Volkswagen has maintained its position as the leading manufacturer of passenger vehicles in South Africa and has come out tops in the segment for seven years in a row. The Polo Vivo and the Polo are the most popular cars in the country for good reason, and you can get your slice of the pie by finding a Volkswagen for sale on Auto Mart. Here is an overview of the Polo, Golf and Amarok to get you started.

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The latest Golf combines a legacy of reliability with innovative technology, and its cutting-edge technology sets it apart from the crowd. The Golf Trendline is equipped with a Turbo Stratified Injection engine that delivers 81 kW of power at 5 000 to 5 500 rpm with a peak torque of 200 Nm at 2 000 to 3 500 rpm. They feature a 6-speed manual transmission.

A notable highlight of the Golf is its Active Info Display. The digital instrument panel boasts a 31.2cm high-resolution screen, which makes it easy to review a range of information. Blind Spot Detection helps to reduce the risk of accidents, while Rear Traffic Alert offers additional support to the driver.

The Golf is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control, which adds convenience to longer trips. The ACC features a Front Assist traffic monitoring system for enhanced safety. The Trendline variation comes with 15” Lyon wheels as well as halogen headlights and LED lights.

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There are plenty of reasons to consider a Polo if you’re looking for a Volkswagen for sale. Its distinctive design, superior quality and innovative technology set it apart from the crowd. The Polo Highline has a Turbo Stratified Injection which delivers 81 kW of power at 5 000 rpm. It has a peak torque of 175 Nm at 15 000 rpm with a 6-speed manual transmission.

While the Polo has a compact engine, it doesn’t compromise on power. Not only are these engines more efficient than ever before, they also have a reduced impact on the environment. The Trendline Polo boasts a 5″ Composition Touch Infotainment system, and with fours speakers, this system offers you a superior listening experience.

Another highlight of this model is its 14” steel wheels. The air conditioning system helps to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle. The occupants are protected by airbags as well as Hill Start Assist.

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The latest Amarok Double Cab is designed to exceed your expectations. It’s equipped with a cutting-edge 3.0 litre V6 TDI engine that delivers an impressive 165 kW of power. The peak torque for this model is 550 Nm. From start to finish, every aspect of the Amarok is designed to get the job done without any hassles.

Its premium multifunction display is easy to operate and the leather-covered steering wheel adds exclusivity to the interior design. Steering switches make its simple to adjust the Audi systems or the navigation system without taking your eyes off the road. The ergonomic paddles make it simple to switch gears. A pleasant interior temperature is maintained by the Climatronic air conditioning.

With so many advantages to finding a Volkswagen for sale, it is easy to see why these vehicles are so popular. Whether you’re looking for a capable workhorse or a passenger car, there is a range of reliable VW vehicles to choose from.

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Volkswagen has maintained its position as the leading manufacturer of passenger vehicles in South Africa for seven years in a row.
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