Meet the dynamic new Audi RS3 Sedan!

Athletic, dynamic, and prestigious, the Audi RS3 is an awesome ride. Its luxurious interior and trustworthy, all-weather performance set this Audi car apart from the crowd. While the Audi RS3 boasts an exclusive style, it doesn’t compromise on functionality, and its reasonable running costs add to its appeal. If you’re looking for a stylish and powerful car, you can find an Audi for sale on Auto Mart.

Exhilarating performance

This Audi sedan is designed to deliver a fun performance, while the RS Sport suspension is firmer and features an adaptive damper, which results in better handling on corners. Both the front and rear tracks have increased in size by 20mm and 14mm. The sapping understeer, as well as the innovative ESP software, add to the exhilarating capabilities of the RS3. A highlight of this model is its 2.5-litre turbocharged engine, which delivers a maximum power of 294 kW. It has a peak torque of 480 Nm at 1 700 rpm. Its thrilling acceleration means that it can go from standstill to 100 kph in 4.1 seconds.

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With the Quattro all-wheel-drive system, optimal traction is maintained. The maximum speed for this model is 300 kW, and it’s equipped with a 7-speed S tronic automatic transmission. The fuel consumption for this model is 8.3 l/1 00km. The red starter button brings the engine to life quickly and effortlessly. Its compact engine emits a distinctive offbeat firing sequence, which delivers an authentic sound. The Audi RS3 is priced at R925 000.

Athletic design

The latest Audi RS3 is the first RS3 that is being offered as a sedan. Its sleek exterior design attracts attention on the roads, and the large air intakes, as well as the flare arches, enhance its striking style. The roofline is lower, which complements its athletic appearance. With an extended wheelbase, it’s perfect for travelling in a range of weather conditions.

An aluminium matte styling package comes standard with this model. The components of this package include 19” alloy wheels as well as distinctive RS bumpers. The athletic exhaust system and advanced brakes are also remarkable features.

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While the exterior of this Audi car sets high expectations, the interior does not disappoint. The prestigious black interior design is accentuated by distinctive elements, which make it stand out as an RS model. The RS logo on the classic flat-bottomed steering wheel adds prestige to its interior. The cross-stitched leather seats and aluminium trip on the door seals take the premium quality exterior up a notch. A Virtual Cockpit TFT instrument display is available for this model. Other standard equipment includes a music interface and a tyre repair kit.

Awesome accessories

With plenty of optional extras to choose from, you can customise your vehicle to meet your requirements. For R7 750, you can add Matric LED headlamps that elevate the RS3’s functionality and style. A panoramic glass roof comes with a price tag of R11 100.

For added comfort and convenience, you can choose to add electrically adjustable front seats for your Audi sedan for R11 200. For R15 300, you can sit back and relax on longer trips with the advantage of adaptive cruise control. You’ll be able to find your way to new destinations with NMI Navigation Plus, which is available for R24 000. Audi magnetic ride comes with a price tag of R13 640. All these extra goodies makes it and excellent idea to find an Audi for sale.

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Now that you know more about the Audi RS3, you can find an Audi for sale online. With its iconic design and exhilarating performance, it’s easy to see why the RS3 is a dream car for many South Africans.

Meet the dynamic new Audi RS3 Sedan! | Auto Mart Blog
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Meet the dynamic new Audi RS3 Sedan! | Auto Mart Blog
Athletic, dynamic, and prestigious, the Audi RS3 is an awesome ride. Its luxurious interior and trustworthy performance set this remarkable car apart from the crowd.
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Auto Mart
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