Mahindra Pik-Up – Single cab or double, take your pick

The Mahindra Pik-Up is equipped with a comprehensive range of awesome features, and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of its design. Practical and strong, these Mahindra vehicles are built to perform at every level. Their exceptional power, combined with their trustworthy performance, sets these vehicles apart from the crowd. Their 1 000kg payload and 2 500kg towing capacity make these vehicles capable workhorses.

You can read our blog to discover the Mahindra car price options as well as everything else that you need to know about these capable vehicles. Have a look on Auto Mart for a Mahindra price that suits your budget.


Mahindra is renowned for manufacturing high performance vehicles and the Pik-up Single Cab is no exception. This robust bakkie is equipped with a 2.2 litre 4-cylinder mHawk engine. This iconic turbo-diesel engine delivers 103 kW of power with a peak torque of 320 Nm and boasts a cutting-edge, six-speed transmission. The end result is a powerful workhorse that offers you effortless acceleration. With its advanced transmission, the Mahindra Pik-Up has efficient fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

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The extensive range of quality accessories elevate the appeal of this Pick-Up. With a variety of accessories to choose from, you can enhance its capabilities and style. This Mahindra vehicle is equipped with micro-hybrid technology, which means that the engine changes to standby mode when the vehicle is stationery to conserve fuel and decrease the vehicle’s impact on the environment. A convenient feature of the Mahindra Pik-Up is that it has rain and light sensors. Not only does this feature add to the convenience of driving a Mahindra, it also contributes to safety.


The Mahindra price includes a range of exceptional safety features. The innovative suspension, combined with anti-roll technology, result in outstanding stability and traction. ABS and EBD provide the driver with extra support in emergency situations, which plays a role in preventing collisions. Airbags help to protect the vehicles occupants if a collision takes place. Additional safety is provided by the side impact protection bars. The risk of theft is reduced by the engine immobiliser, which features an encrypted key recognition system. The anti-theft warning system also protects your vehicle from crime.

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The Mahindra Pik-Up boasts a luxurious double or single cab that is equipped with a range of comfort features. Highlights of this model include its touchscreen infotainment system tat offers you Bluetooth connectivity. The GPS navigation system makes sure that you don’t get lost when you’re travelling to new destinations. The Mahindra vehicles have a management system that provides the driver with easy access to important vehicle data. A pleasant temperature is maintained inside the cab by the automatic temperature control. The steering wheel switches allow you to adjust the cruise control and audio settings without diverting your attention from the road. The height of the driver’s seat can be customised for enhanced comfort.


The Mahindra Pick-Up is equipped with a 2179 cc engine that delivers 103 kW of power at 3 750 rpm with a peak torque of 320 Nm at 1 500 – 2 800 rpm. The fuel consumption for the 4×2 variations is 7.7 l/100km while the 4×4 model has a fuel consumption of 7.9 l/100km. The CO2 emissions for these vehicles is 210gm/km. The Mahindra has a GCM of 5 650kg and a GVM of 3 150kg. The payload for the single cab variation is 1 195kg while the double cab has a payload of 1 095kg. These bakkies have an overall length of 5 175mm and an overall width of 1 820mm. The overall height of the single cab model is 1 860mm while the double cab has an overall height of 1 915mm. The maximum ground clearance e for both variations is 210mm.

The Mahindra car price starts at R187 995 for the S4 4×2 single cab variation. The S6 4×2 costs R239 995 while the S6 4×4 has a price tag of R284 995. When it comes to the Mahindra price for the double cab variations you’ll pay R324 995 for the S10 4×2 and R354 995 for the S10 4×4.

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Now that you are a little more familiar with the Mahindra Pik-Up, find it for sale on Auto Mart.

Single cab or double, take your pick with Mahindra Pik-Up | Auto Mart Blog
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The Mahindra Pik-Up is equipped with a comprehensive range of awesome features, and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of its design.
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