In the market for something new and fresh? Meet the Haval H2

A relatively new name in the local motoring game, we’ve seen the Haval pop up all over the place lately and decided to take a closer look at the Haval H2. From its stylish design to its outstanding performance, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a Haval car. Not only is the Haval SUV at home in the city, it’s also a capable ride for longer trips. You can find Haval cars for sale on Auto Mart.

The Haval Brand Overview

Haval is a GWM brand, which specialises in manufacturing top quality SUVs, and both urban and cross-country SUVs are available from this auto manufacturer. The Haval SUV has achieved the highest sales in its segment for the past 14 years in China, and the brand is dedicated to contributing to advancements in the SUV sector while establishing itself as an international leader in this segment. Their achievements include a listing in the Forbes Asia Fabulous 50 as well as a ranking in the 2103 Most Valuable Chinese Brands. GWM is listed as one of the top 100 leading car brands internationally.

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H2 Highlights

The Haval H2 is equipped with a GW4G 15B engine, which delivers a powerful performance without compromising on economy. Its athletic performance sets this SUV apart from the crowd. It delivers 105 kW of power with a peak torque of 202 Nm and has a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Another reason to find these SUV cars for sale is that they feature a 3D multi-functional dashboard that is both highly functional and stylish. Important driving information, such as fuel consumption and mileage, is clearly displayed.

Safety is ensured by all-round airbags, and these quality airbags are designed to reduce the risk of serious injury if a collision takes place. An advantage of driving a Haval car is they are equipped with a comfortable interior, and the H2 is no exception. The dual-zone automatic air conditioner maintains a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle despite exterior weather conditions.

The TPMS alerts the vehicle owner to any tyre hazards, which enhances safety even further. A convenient feature of the Haval H2 is its keyless entry system, which is cutting-edge technology that makes it easy to lock and unlock your vehicle. With the button start system, it’s just as easy to take off. Manoeuvring your SUV in an urban environment is easy with the H2’s reverse camera and radar, a feature that makes it easy to reverse into tight parking spots. Another noteworthy attribute of the H2 is its front active headrest with a neck-protection system.

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The Haval H2’s Interior

The Haval H2 SUV boasts a refined and stylish interior that is equipped with plenty of exciting features. A choice of interior colours allows you to select the design that best suits your requirements. The attractive design of the interior is enhanced by the double-colour stitching pattern. The interior fabric colours can be matched to the centre console and gear-shift to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The Havel H2 has a centre console that boasts piano-lacquer materials, and it’s complemented by the atmosphere lamp as well as the storage area. The end result is a luxurious interior that you’ll love. Other noteworthy features include a multi-function steering wheel as well as an electric foldable rearview mirror.

The switches on the steering wheel can be used to adjust the audio settings as well as to activate the cruise control. Whether you are commuting in the city or going on a road trip, the multi-media equipment makes any trip more pleasurable. High levels of comfort are achieved by the addition of the 6-way electrically adjustable driver seat. As has come to be expected of Haval, the H2 is an extraordinary vehicle.

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A Gorgeous Exterior

The sleek exterior of the Havel H2 boasts daytime running lamps to enhance the safety of travelling in this vehicle. It has a length of 4 335mm, width of 1 814mm and a height of 1 695mm. The wheelbase for this model is 2 560mm. A range of exterior colours allows you to customise your vehicle according to your individual preferences. You can opt for Red or Fashion Blue if you want to make a bold impression on the road. The Haval H2 is also available in Modern Grey, Brown and Sleek Silver.

Now that you know more about the Haval H2, find Haval cars for sale on Auto Mart. With all the benefits they offer, you won’t go wrong.

In the market for something new? Meet the Haval H2 | Auto Mart Blog
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In the market for something new? Meet the Haval H2 | Auto Mart Blog
A relatively new name in the local motoring game, we've seen the Haval pop up all over the place lately and decided to take a closer look at the Haval H2.
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