Delivery made easy with an Atul Tuk Tuk

Are you looking for an easy way to make deliveries? An Atul Gem Tuk Tuk offers you a convenient and efficient transportation solution. The Atul Gem auto price combined with its low running expenses make it a cost-effective solution. You can find a Tuk Tuk for sale on Auto Mart.

Gemini Petrol Premium

The Gemini Petrol Premium boasts a stylish exterior design with multi-focal headlamps for increased visibility at night, and the ergonomic layout of this Tuk Tuk makes it convenient to drive. It’s equipped with a 198 cc four stroke petrol engine which offers reduced noise and a superior ride quality. The spacious interior can accommodate three passengers, and its advanced seat design offers its occupants outstanding comfort. Entertainment can be provided by the stereo FM radio system.

Another advantage of driving a Gemini Petrol Premium is that it’s equipped with an electric self-start system. The steering lock system protects the Tuk Tuk from theft and it is also equipped with a fuel tank lock for additional protection. The turning circle for this model is 2.5 metres. The affordable tuk tuk price makes the Gemini Petrol Premium an excellent transportation solution.

tuk tuk petrol atul premium

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Atul Gem 3+1 Paxx

If you’re looking for a sophisticated Tuk Tuk for sale, look no further than the Atul Gem 3+1 Paxx. It’s equipped with an innovative diesel engine, which offers extra horsepower and a reduced fuel consumption. Its robust design, combined with its economic usage of fuel, make these Tuk Tuks affordable to run. With plenty of interior room, this model can accommodate three passengers as well as luggage. Large wheels offer higher levels of safety as well as enables this Tuk Tuk to carry heavier loads. A highlight of this model is its electric self-start system. Another advantage to owning this Tuk Tuk is that it’s fitted with powerful headlamps and a single-piece windscreen for increased visibility.

tuk tuk paxx vehicle

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Atul Smart 6+1 PAXX

The Atul Smart 6+1 PAXX boasts plenty of interior room for six passengers to travel comfortably. With plenty of luggage room, it’s easy to fit everything you need into this Tuk Tuk.

Not only is it a spacious model, it’s also stylish. This Tuk Tuk provides a functional and elegant transportation solution for your business. The affordable cost of this model, as well as its economic fuel consumption of 30 km/l, make it an excellent investment. Other highlights of this model include large tyres, an electric starting system, and powerful headlamps.

paxx tuk tuk atul

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Atul Gem Delivery

The Atul Gem Delivery is equipped with a 436 cc four stoke single cylinder engine. While it has an economic fuel consumption of 30km/l, it doesn’t compromise on power. The cutting-edge engine design enables this Tuk Tuk to deliver additional power to cope with more challenging terrain and steeper inclines. Its robust components decrease the periods between services, which results in reduced downtime. A comfortable ride is ensured by the Monocoque chassis, which can accommodate heavier loads. The safety of this model is enhanced by dual circuit self-adjusting hydraulic brakes. The Atul Gem Delivery features a load bin with dimensions of 1 475mm x 1 470mm x 1 250mm, and it can accommodate a payload of 500kg.

delivery vehicle atul tuk tuk

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Atul Gem Cargo MCL

The Atul Gem Cargo MCL is equipped with a 436 cc four stroke single cylinder engine that delivers a powerful performance you can rely on. Its durable design and economic fuel consumption set it apart from the crowd. The safety of this model is enhanced by a door, steering, and fuel tank locks. It’s equipped with a mobile charger socket. Other highlights of this Tuk Tuk include a bottle holder, electric starting system and monocoque chassis. It has a load bin with dimensions of 1 520mm x 1 450mm with a 500kg load capacity.

cargo atul tuk tuk

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Now that you know more about the advantages of finding a Tuk Tuk for sale, you can browse online for a model that meets your requirements.

Delivery made easy with an Atul Tuk Tuk | Auto Mart Blog
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Delivery made easy with an Atul Tuk Tuk | Auto Mart Blog
Are you looking for an easy way to make deliveries? An Atul Gem Tuk Tuk offers you a convenient and efficient transportation solution.
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Auto Mart
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  1. Rob Boyes says:

    I am in Mexico and interested in a Tuk tsk for my personal use. Is there a dealer near Manzanillo ,Colima? Thanks

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Rob,

      Not that we are aware of. Please note that the majority of the vehicles listed on Auto Mart are located in South Africa. If you find anything on that interests you, please contact the seller or dealer listed on the advert.

      Kind regards,
      The Auto Mart Team

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