5 bakkie brands you can find on Auto Mart today!

When we think about South African vehicles, one of the first types that come to mind are bakkies! Whether you are looking for a Mazda BT 50 or a Mitsubishi Triton for sale, you can find capable vehicles that match your requirements online. Another popular option is to find a Toyota Hilux for sale. If you’re looking for a bakkie for sale, let’s take a look at five models available on Auto Mart right now.

Nissan Hardbody

The Nissan Hardbody delivers a powerful performance that won’t let you down when the going gets tough. These bakkies are designed to handle whatever life throws at them and they’re equipped with robust engines that deliver 84 kW of power and 169 Nm of torque. Their low running costs and reliability set them apart from the crowd. The Nissan Hardbody is equipped with exceptionally strong tailgate chains as well as durable cargo hooks. The Kinsey Report gave the Hardbody the lowest cost of ownership award in 2016. If you are looking for a capable and efficient vehicle to boost the productivity of your business, look no further than the Nissan Hardbody. The starting price for these models is R169 900.

hardbody nissan vehicle car

Image source: www.nissan.co.za

Isuzu KB

With its towing capacity of 3 500kg and a payload of 1 092kg, the Isuzu KB is a capable workhorse. Its fuel economy of 7.7 l/km makes it cost effective to operate, while six airbags help to keep the vehicle’s occupants safe should a collision occur. Not only is the KB an exceptionally practical vehicle, it’s stylish and comfortable too. Its cutting-edge technology sets these bakkies apart from the crowd. Whether you’re commuting in an urban environment or tackling challenging terrain, these bakkies won’t let you down. The KB is equipped with a 2.5 litre diesel engine which delivers 100 kW of power at 3600 rpm and a peak torque of 320 Nm at 1800 to 2200 rpm. The Isuzu KB is priced at R365 600.

car vehicle bakkie Isuzu

Image source: www.isuzu.co.za

Mitsubishi Triton

The Mitsubishi Triton is equipped with a 2.4L DOHC MIVEC diesel engine that delivers 133 kW of power with a peak torque of 430 Nm. It’s ranked as one of the most efficient diesel engines on the international market. The engine is designed to reduce running costs while boosting the vehicle’s responsiveness and its handling capabilities. Another reason to find a Mitsubishi Triton for sale is its advanced 5-speed automatic and manual transmission options. The design of these bakkies makes it easy to switch from 2WD to 4WD when you’re tackling tough terrain. The agility of the Triton makes it suitable for commuting in the city while its powerful capabilities make it an outstanding workhorse.

bakkie mitsubishi triton car

Image Source: www.mitsubishi-motors.co.za

Mazda BT 50

When it comes to finding a bakkie for sale, there are plenty of reasons to consider a Mazda BT 50. With their durable components, these bakkies are built to handle tough situations. The BT-50 2.2 L DE SLX delivers 110 kW of power at 3 700 rpm with a peak torque of 375 Nm at 1500 to 2 500 rpm. These bakkies have a 6-speed manual transmission. Highlights of the Mazda BT 50 include its Integrated Audio System, six speakers, cruise control and Bluetooth. It has steering wheel switches and front power windows.

mazda bakkie vehicle bt 50

Image source: www.mazda.co.za

Toyota Hilux

With plenty of reasons to find a Toyota Hilux for sale, it’s easy to see why these bakkies are so popular. The Toyota Hilux is equipped with a 2.7 litre engine which delivers 122 kW of power at 5 200 rpm with a peak torque of 245 Nm at 4 000 rpm. Highlights of the Hilux include Active Traction Control and Downhill Assist Control. The starting price for the Hilux is R394 700.

hilux toyota car bakkie vehicle

Image source: www.toyota.co.za

Now that you know more about these awesome models, you can find a bakkie for sale on Auto Mart. From the Nissan Hardbody to the Isuzu KB, there is a wide range of variations to choose from.

5 bakkie brands you can find on Auto Mart today! | Auto Mart Blog
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5 bakkie brands you can find on Auto Mart today! | Auto Mart Blog
When we think about South African vehicles, one of the first types that come to mind are bakkies! Here are five models available on Auto Mart right now.
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