3 Excellent reasons to buy a Volvo right now

Volvo cars are renowned for their fantastic safety features and advanced technology. Their outstanding design and superior protection make them the perfect family vehicles, and the stylish Volvo S90 delivers a powerful performance you’ll love. From the Volvo S90 price to its impressive safety features, discover the highlights of the S90 by reading our blog. If you are looking for the perfect family vehicle, find Volvo cars for sale on Auto Mart.

1. Exceptional safety

A highlight of all Volvo cars is their awesome safety features, and Volvo is renowned for manufacturing vehicles that offer superior protection to motorists. This auto manufacturer was responsible for developing the three-point seatbelt in 1959, and in 1972 they introduced the seatbelt reminder to their vehicles.

Another significant advancement in road safety was when Volvo developed the side-impact protection system in 1991. Their commitment to safety didn’t stop there, and in 1998 they introduced a whiplash protection system as well as a curtain airbag. Recent additions to their vehicles include a roll-over protection system as well as a pedestrian detection system.

inside safety volvo car

Image source: volvocars.com

Auto braking is another reason to find Volvo cars for sale. The auto manufacturer is committed to achieving their goal of eliminating fatal injuries by 2020 while traveling in the latest Volvo models. The Volvo S90 upholds high standards of safety. It’s equipped with large animal detection, which alerts you to big animals on the road, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. If you don’t respond in time, the brakes will intervene. Park Assist Pilot makes navigating an urban environment safer and easier. Now you can make the most of small parking spots with the guidance of this feature.

With the 360˚ camera, you can see everything surrounding the car when you’re navigating into tight parking spots. The driver is offered extra support by the S90’s Pilot Assist, which keeps the vehicle’s speed constant and helps to keep the car in its lane. Convenience and safety are enhanced by the Active High Beam Assist. The City Safety Technology helps to identify collision risks.

2. It’s a family car

Volvo cars are renowned for being awesome family vehicles, and Volvo was responsible for developing the rear-facing child seat. The auto manufacturer has also made built-in booster seats available. The safety, comfort, and convenience that these vehicles offer make them ideal for families. The Volvo S90 features a spacious interior, which offers your family plenty of space to travel in comfort. Its luxurious and simple interior sets it apart from the crowd, while the 2-zone electronic climate control maintains a pleasant interior temperature.

volvo family car inside

Image source: volvocars.com

3. Constantly driving technological advances

The Volvo S90 price starts at R698 900 and includes innovative technology that will make your life safer and easier. With the latest technological advances, Volvo offers you cars that are more efficient than ever before. The auto manufacturer developed innovative Drive-E engines that offer a reduced fuel consumption. Their modular design means that they can be adapted into hybrids, while the V60 Plug-in Hybrid is an example of the capabilities of this advanced technology. Volvo is scheduled to release an all-electric vehicle in 2019. The Volvo S90 is packed with advanced technology, which includes a premium sound system as well as Sensus connect and Sensus navigate.

side view volvo car family safe

Image source: volvocars.com

Now that you know the advantages of owning these models, you can find Volvo cars for sale online. The Volvo S90 is equipped with cutting-edge safety, comfort, and convenience features that set it apart from the crowd.

3 Excellent reasons to buy a Volvo right now
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3 Excellent reasons to buy a Volvo right now
Volvo cars are renowned for their fantastic safety features, which makes them the perfect family vehicles. Read all about it on the Auto Mart Blog.
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