The KTM Freeride delivers a dynamic performance

Powerful and athletic, KTM motorcycles are an excellent investment. From start to finish, every aspect of the updated KTM Freeride 250 F is designed to deliver a dynamic performance that you can rely on. If you are looking for an exceptional ride, find a KTM for sale on Auto Mart.

The KTM Freeride has become renowned for its exceptional durability, and the latest variation is no exception. The 2018 Endure bikes continue the legacy of the Freeride range. It’s equipped with a cutting-edge 250cc DOHC 4-stroke engine and the end result of the meticulous design of this bike is a ride that is thrilling and playful.

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Image source: KTM South Africa website

The latest KTM Freeride 250 F features a redesigned composite frame which is sleek and robust. A highlight of this model is its front fender and a revised headlight mark. The refreshed design is athletic, fun and stylish, and with a weight that’s under 99kg, this bike is lightweight and powerful.

These KTM motorcycles are designed to handle tough terrain and their capabilities give you the freedom to explore new destinations. You can take your 250 F off-road knowing that it can handle any obstacles you come across. Its low noise levels set these bikes apart from their competition, and their outstanding power-delivery and excellent capabilities inspire confidence in riders.

Its low seat height and considerate design make the KTM Freeride is a comfy bike, and it’s the perfect all-rounder, which makes it great for exploring trails and trials. It’s equipped with an advanced WP Xplor suspension and its manoeuvrability is remarkable, which contributes to its ride quality. If you’re looking for your first Endure bikes, the Freeride 250 F is an excellent choice.

Another advantage of finding a KTM for sale is their compact and lightweight engine. The engine is 20mm shorter than the previous model and it also offers an improved mass centralisation. Its dynamic abilities open up a whole range of possibilities when you are riding a Freeride KTM. From tackling tough road terrain to commuting to work, this bike has got you covered.

lightweight bike by ktm

Image source: KTM South Africa website

KTM PowerParts are available for these bikes. The variety of accessories make it simple to customise your KTM Freeride. You can add distinctive KTM PowerParts to ensure that your machine matches your requirements, and it’s another added benefit that these parts make it easy to enhance the quality of your ride. From clothing to parts to riding gear, there are plenty of accessories to choose from to elevate your comfort and safety.

Now that you know more about these bikes, you can find a KTM for sale. With their versatility and robust design, these KTM motorcycles are sure to exceed your expectations.

The KTM Freeride delivers a dynamic performance
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The KTM Freeride delivers a dynamic performance
Powerful and athletic, KTM motorcycles are an excellent investment. Learn about the new KTM lightweight bike by reading this Auto Mart Blog.
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Auto Mart
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